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Explain the drawbacks of introducing an e-commerce system to an organisation

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Amazon hold lots of their customer?s information and will need to ensure the customers feel safe with providing their personal information. So Amazon will explain their procedures in place to ensure this information is kept safely. Online stores hold a lot of customer?s information like, personal details, bank details, address etc. Customers may feel that this information could be under threat and so it?s vital that there is trust between the customer and the business. Customers also may feel uneasy putting their credit card information into the web browser as they don?t know if it will end up elsewhere. Customers at Amazon may find e-commerce an issue because they may want sales people to help them and give them advice on the products they want to buy. ...read more.


For instance, amazon are a worldwide store and will need to deliver all their products to them. Fortunately amazon will have separate delivery services for the different places they provide a service too. However, they may occur problems with items not being delivered in the right places or not at all. Amazon will make sure these issues are solved quickly and now have a tracker which tells you how far away until you receive your item and says when it has been delivered and who by. Amazon may not be able to sell their products in certain places. For instance, some products they sell in one country, like America but cannot sell the same products in England due to legislations. ...read more.


Therefore they will make sure they review their products and try and get as many customer reviews as they can to ensure the customer is aware of what they are purchasing. When ordering online, customers can only get the item description, an image and customers reviews to base their opinion on the product. They cannot feel or see the item in person which may mean when the item is receive, it might not be what the customer originally thought it would be like. Amazon will be in jeopardy of being hacked and all their personal information being stolen so they will make sure they have lots of procedures in place to stop this from happening. Security may be an issue to e-commerce because the site may get hacked which means all the personal information may be stolen. ...read more.

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