Explain the importance of the user acceptance process for software

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I have completed the installation and upgrade for the small charity and have reached the handover and acceptance stage of the procedure. I will now explain to the small charity why the user acceptance process that is followed during the handover stage is so important.

When you install a new piece of software you will need to agree to an End User License Agreement (EULA). This is a legal agreement between the vendor and you and says how you can use the software. If you purchase it in stores then it will only be license for one. There are other licences you can get, OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) license which is for software that is purchased by a hardware supplier and comes with your computer system. Also there is a site license which is unrestricted license that allows you to install the software as many times within your organisation as you need to. Open source license is a license that not only gives you access to the software but also lets you view, modify and share changes to the source. Lastly, is freeware license which is software that is completely free to use, although sometimes there will be an optional payment.

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When you agree with EULA, you agree to a number of other contractual implications. These implications can vary significantly depending on the type of license that the software uses but it’s important to not breach any of the terms that it states. The main part is the limited liability of the software if it causes damage to the computer. This has implications because you will not be able to claim for damages if the system is affected.

The EULA licenses your app to the user, but doesn’t sell the app to the user. Providing a license to users that ...

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