Explain the principles of effective communication in the workplace.

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Unit 1 ICT - P2

I am working in careers advice for IT personnel. I have been asked to produce a small booklet on valued employee attributes and communication barriers. I will write a report explaining the principles of effective communication.

Skills for General Communication

Question and answer

People at the workplace will always want to ask questions about what you have said. To avoid awkward questions do not talk about something which you do not know how to explain, and if you are going to include something in your presentation make sure you know exactly what it is and know how to explain it. When answering questions even when not sure about the answer it’s important to speak confidently as if you know exactly what to say, if you do it will seem that you know extensive knowledge about the subject. During my internship I had to do presentations and after questions were asked. I made sure I was comfortable with the topic I chose so that when I was asked questions

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Engaging the audience

It’s important to keep your audience interested throughout a presentation. This is because if you do not then the audience will lose track of what you are talking about. Therefore they won’t understand what you are talking about and will become confused; especially if you are rambling and not making a clear conclusion. They may not understand the point you were originally trying to make and then the presentation will not be useful.

Skills for Written Communication

Grammar and Spelling

When writing things such as an email or presentation it is extremely important that ...

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