Explain the purpose of operating systems

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P2- explain the purpose of operating systems

Operating System

An operating system is the most important program that runs the computer.  The operating system runs other programs and performs basic tasks, for example, recognizing the input from the keyboard, sending the output to the display screen, keeping track of files and controlling peripheral devices like disk drives and printers.

An operating system allows you to communicate with computer hardware. Without a operating system you wouldn’t be able to perform actions on the computer as it would have no instructions to follow. It is almost like a translator between the user and computer; the processor can only understand 0s and 1s, however programs we use now are in high level language like java. It’s the operating system job to change the programs into 0s and 1s so that the hardware can follow the instructions and you can use the computer.

Data Management

Data management allows you to keep track of all the data stored on the computer or other storage devices. The application programs deals with the data by file name and location. The operating system’s file system knows where the data is stored and interacts with the application program. When data needs to be retrieved or saved, the application system cooperates with the operating system which opens, reads, writes and closes files.    

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User interface

Interface is commands which a user sets when communicating with the computer. The user interface is important because it controls how easily the user can use the program and get it to do what they want it to do.


Operating systems have very good security features. They can allow you to have a password to protect from, unauthorised users. In addition, they maintain the activity and may offer time management to avoid unwanted payments. They also may allow backup and recovery procedures to ensure data is secure if there is a failure.

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