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Explain the user side and server side factors that influence the performance of a website

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked I am working for a local web development company and I have been asked to help design and develop Alumwell B&E College?s (ABEC) website. Throughout this project I will meet with my project manager to clarify the website requirements in more detail and report my progress. In addition to the design and creation of the website I will look at the security, legal and performance issues involved with web development. I will compose a report which focuses on the user and server side factors that influence website performance. User Side Factors Download speed Download speed is the speed that data or a program can be transferred from a central computer or website to a peripheral computer. The internet speed of a user?s internet connection determines how fast you can browse within the internet, how fast pages, pictures or videos load. There are four types of different internet connections including, dial-up, ISDN, DSL and Broadband. Dial-up is a connection that is inexpensive but slow. It uses a modem connected to a PC, users can then connect to the internet when the computer dials a phone number and connects to the internet. The modem converts received data to digital and vice versa. ...read more.


Although browsers are primarily intended to use the World Wide Web, they can also be used to access information provided by web servers in private networks or files in file systems. The major web browsers that people use because they are fast and efficient are Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Websites that contain large amounts of media like images or videos require fast Internet speed. Each browser has the ability to download and display these, but some may do it faster. Browsing speeds also vary when you open multiple tabs. While one browser might be faster with only one window up, another browser could win with multiple tabs open. Additionally, one browser could be faster than others at loading a single URL from the address bar. Cache Cache is a special high-speed storage mechanism. Cache can be either a reserved section of main memory or an independent high-speed storage device. Browser cache, also known as temporary internet files folder contains files from websites you have visited. The majority of web browsers maintain a cache of files. This is good because it allows faster display of web pages the next time you open those websites. Instead of data being retrieved from the web server, the files are picked up from the browser cache which speeds up the display of the web page. ...read more.


Image Files JPG is a file extension for a lossy graphics file. The JPEG file extension is used interchangeably with JPG. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group who created the standard. JPG files have 2 sub-formats, JPG/Exif (often used in digital cameras and photographic equipment), and JPG/JFIF (often used on the World Wide Web). JPG files can be opened by most image editing software, from Microsoft Paint to Adobe Photoshop. Its purpose is to provide a visual to anything from websites to presentations. The Graphics Interchange Format also known as a GIF is a bitmap image format that was introduced by CompuServe and has since come into widespread usage on the World Wide Web due to its wide support and portability. The format supports up to 8 bits per pixel for each image, it also supports animations. A gif in simple terms is an image with animation. Sound Files MP3 is an audio coding format for digital audio which uses a form of lossy data compression. It is a common audio format for consumer audio streaming or storage, as well as a de facto standard of digital audio compression for the transfer and playback of music on most digital audio players. Video and Animation Files SWF stands for Shockwave Flash File Format and is owned by adobe. SWF can contain video and vector based animations and sound and are designed for efficient delivery over the web. ...read more.

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