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Factors that influence website performance.

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File types and file size There are three different types of files included in a website: image files, audio files and finally video and animation files. Each of these file types are incremental towards the performance of a website. Image files There is a wide variety of image types each serving different purposes, for example; the dot gif is able to hold moving pictures as well as see-through blocks. However the quality is not as high as a jpg due to the limited amount of colour available in the format. A large gif file will affect the performance of a website as the frame rate will drop until fully loaded. A jpg is similar to a gif in that it will show images. ...read more.


A MP3 file is an audio file which is compressed digital data, allowing it to be of a smaller file. The larger the MP3 file, the longer it will take to download. A wav file is a larger file and is of a much higher quality than an Mp3 file. It will also take much longer to download this file, if the file size is larger than normal. Video and Animation There are three types of video and animation types which both serve different purposes, These include avi, swf and conversion between formats. Each of these file types can affect the performance of a website depending on the size of each of these files. If they are of a large size it will take longer to download than that of a smaller sized file. ...read more.


If a webserver has cache memory it will have a positive affect on the performance of a website as websites will be stored in that particular memory such as google causing the website to load quickly and efficiently. In addition to this viruses can affect the normal operation of the computer when browsing, therefore it will take the website much longer to load than normal when a virus is installed. Server side factors performance An additional reason to what affects how quickly a website resolves may be due to the performance of the webserver. For example network trafficing. This can slow down the webserver, take a long time to load webpages or not deliver a website at all, causing a negative affect on the performance of a website. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dominik Strumidel 17/10/2011 ...read more.

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