FEB 2009 hi-tech news

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Konstantin Borodin                                        2009 technology news

2009 hi-tech news

There were a few major events that happened recently.

One of the most interesting things of the week was that the new iPhone 3G has finally been cracked by a Russian hacker group – Dev Team. They have presented to the first day of 2009 special software, thank to which iPhone 3G from Apple can work in networks of any GSM-operator.

Use of the patch which has received name Yellowsn0w, is possible only for iPhone with an official version 2.2 from Apple. Hackers-developers describe " the small program " as absolutely harmless - the end user will not notice anything besides that phone quite successfully works with a SIM-card of the other mobile operator. The program easily uninstalls, and most iPhones don’t get damaged or affected negatively at all.

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The other rising issue is that the beta version of windows seven has now been spread by Russian hackers and millions of testers are testing it out.  However officially, there are 7 Microsoft testers and they were asked to describe what has changed…  On the first look, it seems like the desktop hasn’t changed at all but this feeling is faulty, in reality the structure has changed significantly. Most think that the changes were good, but most of them are just little things, but not something important.  For example, the “Seven” if it sees that you are from Russia, it ...

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