How employees and employers are affected by changes in IT

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I am going to talk about the way I.T affect employers and employees. This will include upgrading skills, upgrading hard ware and other problems that can be caused such as money problems.


There are many ways an employee and employers are affected by changes in I.T.

1, every time a new software or hard ware is released a business need to take money out to buy the new version as staying with the old version can cause problem such as compatibly with files an example is Microsoft 2003 upgraded to Microsoft 2007. This can cause problem such as if a buyer is having problem with an software or hard ware that they brought from the company and they decide to take print screens of it and send it as attachment to the business will not be able to open it and help the customer if they don’t have the right version of the software or if the version that they have does not support newer file type.

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2, Both employee and employers will need to get use to working with the new software so everyone will need to be trained or educated on how to use the new software. This will involve hiring a professional to teach which will again cost money for the company to pay the person they hire.

Also not everyone is a fast learner as some people are slow learners this can also cause a problem if the business needs fast workers as slow learners will make slow progress and will take a lot of time for them to learn the new features ...

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