How organisations use ict

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Task 1 Pre-Release January 2009


  • Finance > Accounts, finance records, arrange online payments and receive deposits.
  • Administration > Day-to-day tasks, corresponding and ordering office supplies, keep diaries for sales staff
  • Human Resources > Recruitment, welfare, training
  • Sales and Marketing > Marketing, order processing, overseeing showrooms
  • Operations > Production, warehousing and distribution

Customers include:

  • The general public
  • Hotels
  • House builders

Communication routes:

  • Customer > Sales Person (Name and contact details), Verbal
  • Customer > Sales Person (Bedroom requirements), Verbal
  • Customer > Head Office (Completed order form +25% deposit), Post
  • Sales Person > Branch Manager (Details of design), Verbal
  • Branch Manager > Sales Person (Labour costs), Verbal
  • Sales Person > Admin (Copy of appointment card), By hand
  • Sales Person > Admin (Final design and quotation), Email
  • Admin > Customer (Final design and two copies of quotation), Post


  • Customer name and contact details.
  • Dimensions of bedroom.
  • Required material, finish, handles, internal fittings and colour
  • Labour costs
  • Product numbers
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Processing and calculations:

  • VAT added
  • 25% of price calculated
  • 25% deducted from customers balance


  • 3D image
  • Parts required
  • Costs
  • Design
  • Quote

ICT Systems used:

  • Computers with LAN connection
  • Laser printers (Colour and Black and White)
  • SOP software
  • High specification laptops
  • Bedroom design software
  • Barcode readers
  • Stock database

ICT has allowed Bedrooms4U to operate much more efficiently instead of spending hours designing bedroom designs by hand it can not easily be done on computer. Changes and easily be made to this design on the computer and it is portable as done ...

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