I have been asked by a General Sports shop using a manual system to design a database.

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By Kaleem Sajad


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I have been asked by a General Sports shop using a manual system to design a database. Using this database they will be able to keep track of members, print out information, use the database for emergency contact and so forth. The problem with there old system was that they could not search quickly for the items they needed e.g. football boots in a certain size, if they could have a computer to do this for them rather than having to search through lots of paper they would save time and the customer will be more satisfied with the service. They could not sort products into manufacturer, price etc. They need to store their information on one computer rather than lots and lots of pieces of paper, this will save them space and it will be tidier. They where not able to print out there list of stock for customers so they would have to walk round and search manually. They could use the database to send out leaflets with information about stock on so people could see what they sell.


A database is a collection of records, which holds a collection of information about a person or an object. Databases are not just on computers; they can be on paper and other things as well. It is safer on a computer and faster to search or sort on it though. It is safer because it is not as likely to get damaged as a piece of paper might. It is also harder to steal than a piece of paper on a desk, because you can password protect it. You are less likely to make mistakes as well. Computers aren’t as likely to make mistakes than humans because we put the record in the wrong place accidentally; a computer is not likely to do this. It is also easier to amend (edit) a record on a Pc.

Databases also use fields; here are the ones I will probably include in the database:


               For the set up of the database for the Sports shop they will have to buy a computer and software for the problem.

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The software that the club could use would be pointless if they haven’t got a computer so a PC will have to be bought within a budget. Some of examples are:

Under £500  

Dell Dimension L433c = £499

Under £1000

Mesh Elite Business Plus = £992.88

Under £1500

AJP 3300C = £1499


The PC will have to have extra hardware for the tasks that it needs to perform.


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