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     In my evaluation, I am going to evaluate my all objectives (General, Qualitative and Quantitative objectives) as I have done in my design stage of Specification for the new system. I will describe how I have met all this objectives and after that, I am going to tell about some limitations and improvements for the new system.        

All Objectives:

  1. The system must be computerized.

I have met this objective by creating the system by using relational database system rather than manual based system. As I have used different features of the database such as tables, report, queries, etc. this shows that the system is more computerised.

  1. The system should have password to protect it.

I have met this objective by using a security password. It controls unauthorised access into the system without the password. Although, the system is protected by a password, all forms do not have password to protect it. If the system is left alone by entering the password, other can access through it easily. Hence, it is only protected at the beginning.

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  1. The database should be able to locate any records, which are relevant quickly and efficiently as when end user requires it.

I have met this objective. I have fulfilled my end user’s requirement by setting up the relationship between tables. Once, the record is changed in one location then it will automatically change through out the system. So, there will not be any problems like duplication of data, etc.

  1. It should be relatively easy to add, delete or make new records. For example, add or delete, a customer form the database. Also make simple ...

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