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Definition of Scope Definition Of ScopeProject NameTommy McCann’s Computer Store ManagerAlexander KaczmarekDate30/1/2007ClientTommy McCannPurpose Of The ProjectThe purpose is to increase sales of PC components in Mr McCann’s PC store; he has found people have been put off purchasing the components from him as they feel they won’t be able to build it themselves. Mr McCann is then having to spend a lot of his free time helping his customers, so to assist him improve sales of the PC components and help the customers build a PC I am creating a CD ROM for Mr McCann to hand out to customers, the CD ROM will then explain the purpose of each PC component, what they need and then how to install it. Benefits to the organisationMr McCann has noticed that sales of pc compartment parts aren’t as high as he would like it, this is due to people not feeling confident enough to build it from scratch. And when people do purchase it he is then receiving a high volume of calls asking for help on how to install the parts into their computer. Therefore by me creating a CD ROM for his customers, his revenue from PC
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Component sales will rise and he will have more free time to complete other projects. As a result it will improve the image of a business and encourage more computer novices to shot there rather than a large chain where they wont get as much 1 to 1 support. Objectives of the projectThe CD room will contain three different sections “learn about pcs” , “build a pc” and “install an os” each section will then contain several pages. Learn about pcs is an introduction to PCS  the pages in this section include: An introduction to the PC, What is a ...

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