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ICT - Definition of scope

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Definition of Scope Definition Of Scope Project Name Tommy McCann's Computer Store Manager Alexander Kaczmarek Date 30/1/2007 Client Tommy McCann Purpose Of The Project The purpose is to increase sales of PC components in Mr McCann's PC store; he has found people have been put off purchasing the components from him as they feel they won't be able to build it themselves. Mr McCann is then having to spend a lot of his free time helping his customers, so to assist him improve sales of the PC components and help the customers build a PC I am creating a CD ROM for Mr McCann to hand out to customers, the CD ROM will then explain the purpose of each PC component, what they need and then how to install it. Benefits to the organisation Mr McCann has noticed that sales of pc compartment parts aren't as high as he would like it, this is due to people not feeling confident enough to build it from scratch. ...read more.


Details Software The interactive CD will be made predominantly on Fireworks, with the animated PC guide done in Flash. Meaning it will work on all formats such as Windows, Linux and Mac. Users will be advised to have Flash installed on their PC's so that they animation parts of the CD work. Use Of Product The product will be used by all ages but mainly adults, to make the product function they simply have to place the CD ROM into the tray let it load up, the menu screen will appear and they will then be able to navigate around the guide, they will be able to use it on any computer although its advised they have Macromedia Flash installed to take advantage of the animations in the guide. A potential problem is that they wont have a computer at home (since the whole point of this is that there are building one themselves) to combat this they could borrow a friends computer/laptop. However Mr McCann has told me he would be more than happy to allow customers to rent a laptop from him to take home allowing them to use the CD ROM. ...read more.


Deliverables The project will the long term help increase sales of PC components in Mr McCann's PC store, this is because I will be creating a CD ROM guide for them explaining how to build a PC and going into detail on what each part of the PC does and how to fit it. A user guide will also come with the product on a sheet of paper, as well as this it will also be possible to download it from their website, this will guide them on how to start the CD room and how to navigate around the CD. Timeline The deadline for my project is around April 6th (Easter). Below is the breakdown of the project. TASK DURATION START DATE END DATE Analysis Of Project 4 days 17TH DECEMBER 21ST DECEMBER Initial Design 5 days 4TH JANUARY 9TH JANUARY Creation of Product 55 days START OF JAN END OF MARCH Testing 1 day 1ST APRIL 2ND APRIL Documentation/Management of project 30 days 12TH FEB 12TH MARCH Hand Over 1 day 4TH APRIL 5TH APRIL Conclusion Agreement to Proceed Signed on behalf of senior management (teacher) Comments Agreement to Proceed Signed on behalf of the client Comments ...read more.

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