Unit 7                                                                       Sam McCullough

End User Support

Supporting the World

14 May 2004

(P1) The typical role of an ICT support technician

(See attached presentation)

Slide 1

This is my opening slide in my presentation that will explain and briefly describe the ‘role of an ICT technician’

Slide 2

My first slide is entitled ‘basic tasks’ and explains just that. These are the very basic tasks that a support technician is expected to carry out, which includes such tasks as general maintenance of the computer systems and general support for the end users that will be implementing the system on a daily basis.

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During the maintenance and development stage of the role carried out by ICT support staff, the general efficiency of the whole system is analysed. A number of tests and studies are carried out to provide some results as to find out the performance of the systems and the network they are on. General maintenance and diagnostic tools will be used and run by the technician to find possible improvements that could be done to the system and/or network and any other possible developments. The ‘day to day’ tasks that the technician is meant to follow can include updating of the system. This is a necessary part of his/her roles as to keep the system current and efficient. This can include software updates or device maintenance or installation. This kind of support is carried out by a number of ICT support staff as to reduce the workload.

Slide 4

‘Training and Support’ explains the training and the support that will be needed to be given in order to implement the new system properly once is becomes live. Training is the process in which experienced and qualified personal teach the end users, as well as the ICT support sometimes, to use and be able to efficiently implement the new system. This might also include training in existing processes that the old system used and any other new features. The correct training must given and ICT support staff might need to attend training courses in order to understand new technologies and gain qualifications that are recognised by organisations when employing. Training and support will be given to teach and train users to use the software and hardware of the new system and well as the general navigation around the new system (normally the OS in this case)

Slide 5

This slide explains the documentation side of the end user support that should be given by ICT support staff. This stage in the support is extremely important and should have been worked upon throughout the whole of the implementation process. The role of the ICT technician is to write up and changes or implementation with appropriate notes and details as to what changes and specifications are introduced into the system. If this documentation was not carried out and presented to the organisation, should a problem occur, no one but that ICT individual knows what model a component is, or hat cable is used, therefore meaning no problem solving can be carried out by any one but him.

(P2) Provide situations for support

There are many times that ICT support may be called for; the following are a few examples of when their help might be needed;

  • User has forgotten password

The user cannot logon to their home area, as they have most likely forgotten their password. The user might still be unsure as to why they cannot logon, so no assumption should be made by the support personnel until they have assessed the problem first hand

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ICT support will require the user’s login user name and new password

Knowledge of how to access user configuration and how to reset the password to a default. ICT should knownetowrk operating systems administrative features

  • Administrator or similar needs help on an issue such as new hardware installation

ICT support staff will have to travel to organisation and provide general support in what ever is required.

Support will need to know a broad idea of what kind of support is needed, software or hardware

Technician will need to know the date, time location and what was involved. Technician ...

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