Identify, possible future developments in ICT and explain the impacts they might have on how we shop.

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Identify, possible future developments in ICT and explain the impacts they might have on how we shop. [11marks]

ICT has changed our life a lot nowadays and it is still developing. From black and white number pad mobile phone to colour touch screen smart phone, from national map book to online portable map, from having a talk with a friend by visiting to simply sending a text message for a talk. All these changes show the rapid development has been made throughout the years.

The most significant change on ICT probably is mobile phone. People used to have to carry a heavy landline phone with them when they go out, because it was the only communication device available to them. As the technology slowly changing, human invented mobile phone which is a smaller, lighter size of a landline phone, and both have different telephone number to represent the characteristics. For example, we all know that mobile phone numbers always start with 07xxx xxxxx, and landline numbers always start with 012xxx xxxxx. This means each individual has their own mobile phone number if they got a mobile phone. This has quickly changed the trend of telephones; more and more people used mobile phone instead.

Moving forward to the 90’s, people tried to invent lighter and smaller mobile phone so as to satisfied what people needed in those days, a lighter phone reduces travel weight and a smaller phone will help easy keeping it in their pocket. Until the late 90’s to the 20’s, people invented low colour pixels screen resolution mobile phones, which increased sales and level of interesting significantly. A 65dpi screen of a mobile phone was good enough in those days. Nowadays, mobile phones with bigger screen, thinner body, and lighter weight have become the trendiest devices. Because of the dramatic changes of our mobile phones compared to the old days, phones with a touch screen is called a smart phone and the old style ones remain being called mobile phone.

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Recently, e-wallet function has been added to our handy mobile phones. It is an electronic wallet which is built in your smart phone, allowing payments being made easily and more convenient. A credit card has to be set up and connected with the mobile phone before starting, when everything has done, it is good to go. People can pay with their mobile phone and don’t have to worry about leaving their wallets at home anymore. Apart from e-wallet, Passbook is a slightly similar to it. It is more likely a portable flight ticket and membership card. When people has online ...

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