Impact of ICT on an Adult in Employment and the effect ICT has on their style of working

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Impact of ICT on an Adult in Employment and the effect ICT has on their style of working

Ruth Johnson




Introduction                                                                                2

Technology used by Adult in Employment

1.0 Communication                


1.1                 Mobile Phone                                                        3

1.2                Email                                                                        4


2.0 Entertainment

2.1                 MP3 Player                                                                 5

2.2                DVDs/DVD Player                                                        6

3.0 Personal Computer

3.1                Hardware                                                                7

3.2                 Software                                                                8

Evaluations of Technologies used

4.0 Evaluations

4.1                        Personal                                                        9

  1. Social                                                                9
  2. Work Related                                                10

4.4                        Style of Working                                                10


The Adult in Employment who I am completing this report is my father. He works as a Logistics General Manager in a Transport firm, ACR Logistics. This means that he uses ICT very extensively, arranging contracts and detailing lorry movements. Communication is also a large part of his work. At home, he enjoys relaxing, and also likes gadgets, so makes full use of technology which combines the two.

1.0 Communication

1.1 Mobile Phone

How it works

The mobile phone works by, very basically, sending signals between the phone and a service provider. When you get down to the real basics, a mobile phone is just an extremely sophisticated radio. All mobiles have a code, which is unique to them and identifies the phone, the owner and the service provider. Using mobiles is all to do with different cells and signals between these. Mobile phones are several wonderful features apart from being ‘mobile’ – they allow you to send short written messages to another phone (text messages) or even now to a computer or a landline phone, they allow you to organise your life with reminders and calendars and also store addresses and phone numbers.

User’s Needs

My dad needs his phone for both work related and personal use. He uses it the most for work, receiving on average about 1 call every 20 mins. He needs to be able to stay in constant contact with his colleagues and customers, even when he is in a meeting or is travelling between offices. He needs it therefore to be easy to use and ‘car friendly’ and also not have to many extra features which complicate it and make it harder to use or so that it requires more battery charge. This is because despite the fact he uses his mobile phone for personal use as well, this is quite rare and is restricted to phone calls and text messages, and storing numbers. He does not use any of the features available on his phone such as the games or the calendar.  

Why it is used

The mobile phone is used because it fulfils the above points –

  • It allows him to be in constant communication with colleagues and customers, wherever he is
  • It is safe to use in the car, with the appropriate equipment (which he has got).
  • The phone can withstand receiving the large number of calls – heavy usage.
  • It is simple to use and does not go wrong very often at all, meaning that it does not interrupt his work.
  • It is also used because everyone else uses one – it would be more expensive for the firm if Dad insisted on using a landline phone, as the costs of the calls from that to mobiles would be more than from a mobile to a mobile.

Examples of use

Examples of use include –

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  • Phoning a colleague to see how a contract is working out
  • Texting my mother to say what time he will be home
  • Phoning AA to use their traffic updating service
  • Being located and contacted by one of his ‘underdog’ colleagues to ask for assistance

1.2 Email

How it works

Email is used via the internet and is becoming an extremely popular way of communicating with people. Generally, people tend to restrict messages by email to short, direct and to the point messages, and this is generally how my Dad uses email. However, with larger attachments and ...

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