Impact of ICT on Society

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Task 8

Report explaining the impact of the availability of electronic information on individuals and society and the effect on those who do not have access to ICT.



        Since ICT had been introduced life has become much easier for a lot of people. ICT has rapidly evolved since it was discovered. There is new ICT Systems being invented year, and the old ICT Systems are updated. Things that were done by human are taken out of the market. ICT Systems are used al over the world for different purposes. In some parts of the world there are people that do not have access to ICT.

From the time when ICT was introduced life for employees and employers have become easier. For example

People could be served quickly as there is a equipment which is called EPOS which tags the code quickly and easily, which also records the stock control and also provides a receipt telling customers what they had brought at what cost.  

Another improvement is that businesses now can communicate to suppliers through computers. In this way it is cheaper and quicker. They can e-mail them to say what product they need. Another improvement in ICT is that a lot of businesses now have there own retailing web sites for example Tescos. This means that people can shop online 24/7, which is an advantage for them.

Advantages of ICT for businesses

  • Queues are shorter because it takes less time to get through the cashier.
  • Employee’s work is easy as most of the work is done by the computers.
  • More accurate stock control.
  • Deliveries could be automatically sent through Internet
  • Easier to pay for goods.

ICT has removed boring repetitive manual tasks in businesses because machinery is being used far more often.  Jobs can be applied for online. Software can be shared remotely over the Internet, as well as documents and files. Shares can be also monitored, bought and sold over the Internet. New jobs have been created due to I.T such as call centres that solve your computing problems over the phone.

Also many people use their credit cards and other such cards to do their shopping. They can do this because of the communications between the shops and banks that allow the shops to take money out of your bank remotely to pay for products you purchase through the online shopping service.

With applications such as “video conferencing”, companies can interact with each other from thousands of miles away. Employees will not have to travel to other countries to discuss business ventures, but can do so via a video link. This cuts down costs for the company.

Online shopping is an advantage to customers who sit at home and shop as they can by the product and even look at the screenshots of the game or product to see how it looks like, so that when they buy it they know how it will be like. This screenshots on the left shows a cricket game that people would want to see and may want to buy but they need to see how the game and look at the quality of the game. This game is sold at Asda website. Online shopping is good for the business because there will be increase of customers and profit.

EPOS is an advantage for the company and the society because EPOS is when the stocks are recorded on the till and when the customers come and they buy a product the product is automatically deducted. And therefore when there are fewer products in stock then the manager would know when to order the stock when needed. This is an advantage to the customers, as the product that the customers will buy from the businesses will be there. This is only if the manager has regular checkups on the stock.

EFTPOS is an advantage to customers as it is easy to pay and you can pay buy credit card or by debit card. It is very easy to use and you don’t need to carry money around.  

Disadvantages of ICT in businesses

  • More packaging
  • More inexperienced staff
  • Loyalty cards can track your shopping they can target you
  • More training required

Not only has ICT created new jobs, but it has also left a lot people unemployed because machines have taken over from them because they are cheaper and more reliable than a person. Machines are now performing many of the manual tasks such as EPOS, price tagging and many businesses operate 24 hours a day and are continually being monitored and controlled by computers.  Computers are overall cheaper and faster than people.

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People are also gradually loosing the habits of conversation. Instead of ringing someone up for an important message, a text message can be sent quickly and cheaply. Also instead of going out for shopping, people are instead staying at home and staring at the computer and buy product online. People become reliant on ICT and use ICT for a long period of time and can reduce social contact and feel that there is no need to leave their home.

Hacking can result in computer fraud and hackers can steal money from someone’s bank account because they have gained unauthorised access. ...

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