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Information Age

Extracts from this document...


Research Book Name: Subject: As ICT Topic: Online Services Topic 1: Real Time Information Question 1: What features are available on this type of online service? Source Information * Network rail (www.networkrail.com) (22/09/08) Monday * This page was last modified on 6 October 2008, at 01:39. * BAA Gatwick * www.gatwickariport.com This website provides information precisely, for It gives the real time information of the train that is on service on particular day time and it also gives information of the particular train going towards particular direction. The top of the page has main navigation link and search engine facility. In a further navigation there is a second menu that changes to reflect the various sections as you browse through the website. In the middle of the page you will find a text of the page you have browsed to. The right hand navigation has links and features related to the current page. At the bottom of the page you will find footer with contact us, site map, terms and conditions, privacy policy and help links The Gatwick airport website gives precise information of the flight to and from Gatwick. Airport information, shop, eats, relax and enjoy information, route plan information. Besides it also provides information on various sources such as customer services, terminal maps, airport parking, booking a flight, hiring a car and booking an airport hotel and also finds some other important service to make our journey easy and enjoyable. Question 2: What are some examples of this type of service? Source Information www.wikipedia.com/networkrail Monday For example: if we want to look up for the train to go Kingston station this afternoon, in the network rail website we can find a number of information, by means of postcode or the name of the station, subsequently we can also obtain the entire information, of arriving and departing of the train. We can also find information's about what route we want to take for it has shown the full map view of the particular place starting from the station. ...read more.


ITunes keeps track of songs by creating a virtual library, letting users to access and edit a song. ITunes naturally reads library data only from the file. Apple's own IDVD I MOVIE & I PHOTOES, and Rock Star are examples of applications that access the library. ITunes supports ripping from cd's , but not from DVDs. ITunes Library can be shared over a local network. ITunes 8 can currently read, write, and convert between MP3,AIFF,WAV,MPEG-4 & ACC. ITunes can also play any audio files that QuickTime can play (as well as some video formats), including protected ACC files from the iTunes. Customer can drag and drop movie clips from the computer into the iTunes Library. I tune added built-in support for podcasting. It allows users to subscribe to podcast for free in the iTunes Music Store or by entering the URL. Once subscribed, the podcast can be set to download automatically. Users can choose to update podcasts weekly, daily, hourly, or manually. It allows customer to download any time music and games. The music can be doownloaded unlimited, without any costs. The songs from this are in MP3 formats therefore can easily transfer songs to the MP3 player or any other portble medias. Even the games downloaded form this site can be easily transferred to portable devices such as PSP or some other meduims. It is also very much reliable to play games on the PC it self. Question 3: What are the benefits and drawbacks of using this kind of service online? Benefits Drawbacks * Download unlimited music * Can also download videos * Through new I tunes pod casts can be downloaded * Listen to music as well as download * Can download numerous free games * * The sites may be lying, and sometimes it can be spreading viruses and spy ware. * The sites may not be following the legislation rule. ...read more.


Well an answer given to it was "you cant". People interested on the facebook has all complained about the new layout of the facebook, as it didn't seemed to be meeting the needs of the client, due to the hard alteration of facebook layout. Question 5: What enhancements should be made to these services to suit the client and customer's needs more appropriately? Source Information The Google mail is quiet hard for the users to use and also it's not free in many countries. The Gmail is vast for the ordinary users to use it. * Face book (The independent) 24/9/2008 The new layout of the face book is not at all fancied by billions of people around the world, due to alteration in the layout of the facebook, people has been complaining towards it. A few days ago it was optional but people didn't seemed to be happy after it made everyone compulsion towards the new layout. "Its obvious to happen these things with a small site, but its not good to do this to a site which has a millions of users from all over the world". This particular phrase was complained by many of the users around the world. Nearly 2.5 million people have joined the " Against the new facebook layout". Question 6: What similar services are available that is not available on the Internet? Could these be more appropriate? Source Information Technologies in today's world is unpredictable, the world now has been getting to see new technologies been developed every two seconds, however, if the world was lacking of these super fast technologies, we had to rely on the older style of communicating with people. By the means of telephone, or probably have to run to the nearby cyber caf´┐Ż, paying lots of quilts to get our letter typed and run to the post office adding on some other quilts to send the letter or a message to a particular person. or probably get the phone card and call the person we're wanting to talk to. ?? ?? ?? ?? Applied ICT Unit 1: The Information Age ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Information Systems and Communication section.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)


The piece of work would benefit from a thorough read through at the end to address some of the grammar errors and the sense of some sentences. This helps to detract from the quality of content whether in a piece of coursework or an exam and students should get into the habit of ensuring their Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar are top notch.

It would be useful to make more reference to examples to back up points (and there are many good points in this work).

Generally speaking the document needs to have better structure, more paragraphs, sub-headings and so on. In some sections where quite different services are being reviewed (ITV and YouTube being a good example) it is important to make it clear which comment refers to which site.

This piece of work contains many valid points and just warrants three stars. It really does need to be re-structured to make more sense and give greater clarity to the content. It reads as if it has not been properly read through.

(Just) Three stars.

Marked by teacher Ad Son 04/10/2013

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