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Information Retrieval tools. I have used a database to carry out my searches. I used Emerald because it was the best tool to use as it offers Boolean, limiting search, and proximity.

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Coursework 2: Information retrieval tools Description of the Search Strategy I have searched for the NHS (National Heal Service) because I know it is a public sector that gives out allot of information. Most of the information is important and can be very helpful. I also searched for this term so that I can improve my knowledge on how to prevent illnesses for example the flu. I have used a database to carry out my searches. I used Emerald because it was the best tool to use as it offers Boolean, limiting search, and proximity. I have combined these terms using many functions that were available on Emerald. These were Boolean logic, using the AND, or OR, limiting the search, and phrase search. These functions allowed me to broaden my search and helped me to narrow the information. I have used all of these functions so that I can get a really good quality of information that will help me with my study. The only reason why I narrowed and broadened my search was to get a good authority of the material. Having a good source of authority (quality) will help me to receive maximum quality of information that is available. ...read more.


The files may vary from each search as some results will be about articles and some will be about journals. The information is available in all around the world which means it is geographically available for example if I were to be in Turkey, I just have to go on to the correct search engine that would be www.google.tr, similarly it's the same in other countries. The Functionality Functionality is very important because every person would want to find the correct information and to do this, there must be functions that can be used for example, phrase search, Boolean, limiting the search, truncation, alternative search and etc. One valued function is phrase match which can be very useful whilst searching for information. Combining Boolean with phrase search can be very effective. Database Databases are commonly used to find important information as it allows people to search, find and store vital information. It allows users to locate, and narrow searches to find what they are looking for. I will use Emerald as an example because Emerald is a well known database which has a lot of sources of information which is available. I will use emerald to search for information because it has more than 3,000 university libraries worldwide that subscribe to Emerald journal collections. ...read more.


You can also see the quality of the material by clicking on more details which gives an overview of the information inside. This can save time and will make searching much more effective. The coverage The geographical coverage is very low due to the fact that it was launched in 2006 that makes the website new. Many people do not know about the site, which explains why a few people visit it daily. Intute is up to date and keeps new information each time you go on the site. The material types are not as expected because most of the information is just from websites It is rare to see a full text article. The subject matter is well accomplished as the user always finds something that is relevant to the subject they search for it. Functionality Using Intute to search for information is useful because it has many functions that allow you to narrow and broaden your search. This makes the information effective because as you narrow down searches, the information you get will have a higher chance of being relevant to the subject you searched for. Using the advance search, you can limit your search with the drop down list and search for a particular field of aspect. One other intelligent function is the tick boxes which allow you to pick the certain subject areas. ...read more.

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3 star(s)

an important topic but the discussion is not very clear with many terms used that are not defined.

Marked by teacher Ivor Borkin 25/03/2012

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