Information systems - After a research at Salchester arms hotel, the following recommendation is made to improve the information system:

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Unit 3: Information Systems

BTEC National Extended Diploma


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After a research at Salchester arms hotel, the following recommendation is made to improve the s information system:

ASSD Management information system is designed to provide past, present and future data, the information can be used for planning, organizing and controlling the operations of an organization. MIS is part of an overall internal control of a business that covers the applications of people, documents, technology and management of accounts to solve business problems and analyze information systems for operational activities.

Salchester Arms Hotel has staff with more than 10 years experience in all major fields within the software business and in-depth knowledge of the hospitality and tourism industry. ASSD system specializes in converting this important information into perfect software solutions for the hospitality industry.  Because of international specifications and ongoing development, ASSD system software products include the latest trends as well as reliability. For many years now, ASSD system is one of few global leaders concerning Hotel Management Software. To constantly observe the market and focus on the needs of the customers.

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For Salchester Arms Hotel employee’s data is needed by the human resources department for contractual agreements, while the receptionist needs room availability data, for them to be able to make bookings. Publicity needs room to revenue rates data to be able to attract customers by showing the hotels rates and revenue data. Accounts and auditing departments also need data such as personal records to keep track of the revenue the hotel receives and payments they make. Personal records data is used by the hotel to schedule staff and calculate their wages.


Accounts and auditing department needs software ...

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