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AS and A Level: Information Systems and Communication

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  1. BTEC Unit 8: The Theory of Data Communications

    They are planning to set up a networking academy (rather like the Cisco Network Academy) and create related qualifications. The project manager has asked me to prepare some learning materials for 'Chapter 1' of the online course. Chapter 1 is entitled 'The Theory of Data Communications'. The chapter is subdivided into a number of sections. The materials must be produced in the form of a Word document. Chapter 1 Chapter 1a Identify and explain types of communication devices Communications devices are electronic hardware which communicates with each other to perform specific tasks. The technologies that are used to communicate are data terminal equipment (DTE)

    • Word count: 2924
  2. Communication Methods and Media

    This is slower than parallel but is suited to long distances. The company uses serial transmission to communicate with their brokers all around the world. Task 2 Transmission Medium Description/ Features Situation Where Used Explanation of Suitability Thin wire coaxial cable This is a copper based cable; there is a core of copper in the middle with a metal shielding and an outer sleeve, the metal shielding reduces interference. There are two types of coaxial cable, these are thick and thin wire. Thick wire is rigid and not easy to work with, this used to be used for large computing facilities (mainframes).

    • Word count: 2041
  3. nlan's hypothesis and ward and griffeth

    The information system covers wide areas of activities in the firm, it, made all activities in the company efficient . The new information system is at the sixth stage on the nolan's hypothesis (maturity stage) 1. 2 Introduction - I will be discussing in full details with reference to the Nolan six stage hypothesis how the "new point of sales system" was introduced into Duboutique, the stages it went through before it reach maturity stage. I will Show in my discussion that each stage is a learning process and it is used as a planning process.

    • Word count: 2249
  4. the role of ict

    web pages viewed on different systems Different layout, resolution of images, etc. � Standardisation of file formats " Importing and exporting of data between applications > Advantages of Standardisation � Hardware and software will be known to be compatible � Choices from where to purchase equipment � Agreed standards for equipment - comeback if not up to standard > Disadvantages of standardisation � Less choice � Less competition amongst suppliers Components of the Central Processing Unit ( CPU ) > Control Unit � This is the part of the central processor (CPU)

    • Word count: 2053
  5. Unit 14 - School of Computing

    Includes information about organization, products/ services and off line contact details". This model includes the websites that doesn't have any online contact details but you provide information over the internet and contact details like phone numbers and business addresses. Implementation issues of going online * Potential requirements for customisation - To build my website I will have to use either HTML or Microsoft FrontPage 2003, because my website will not have any animations or videos, so I don't need to use Flash player or dream weaver do build my website.

    • Word count: 2845
  6. AS ICT Unit 3

    However, all the searches have too many results so I will refine my search. The best way of doing this is to do an advanced search. In the with all the words box I typed the phrase "football attendance statistics". I also set it to only bring up pages within a year, and set the language to English. Google: Results: Ask Jeeves: Results: Web Crawler: This search engine did not have an advanced search option Search Engine Normal Search Advanced Search Google 178 000 000 850 000 Ask Jeeves 28 780 000 316 500 Web Crawler 83 N/A This shows

    • Word count: 2095
  7. evaluation of ict project

    So I will be able to add new stock to the system. So it will instantly show up on a table. I believe I have followed my user's requirement in order for this system to be as easy as possible for the user to use. I have done this by implementing easy to use macro functions these are shown below: As you can see all the user needs to is enter information just as above in the cells, there are also help buttons if the user does not understand.

    • Word count: 2043
  8. Implementation of ict project

    This is an improvement to the system as it wasn't in the User requirements. I have added it because this data will need to be saved so that the user can look at what is selling well over some time for example. Other macro buttons added are main menu this allows the user the user to go back to main screen, to access any other page. The weekly sales sheet also uses data validation, in the form of a drop list. This means users cannot enter any data except what is being shown from the stock database.

    • Word count: 2044
  9. The data Processing Cycle and processing methods

    The diagram below shows the data processing cycle. The processing cycle has 4 different stages in order they are Collection, Input, Processing and Meaningful output. It works like this, the data is collected after it's collected it will be inputted, then it will get processed and finally the data is outputted it can be outputted as meaningful data. The arrows with the dashes that goes from meaningful/output to collection can also be used again for the collections. This does not happen often but it is possible. If it did happen it works out something like this: Collection Input Process Meaningful Output Different stages of the cycle Collection The first stage is the collection here all the information/data is collected.

    • Word count: 2104
  10. Internet and Internet Activities

    Findings: The Internet works on the basis that some computers act as 'servers'. These computers offer services for other computers that are assessing or requesting information these are know as 'clients'. Servers are high capacity computers that offer services to client computers that can connect to it. This means sitting in the rooms at home, school or college computer workshop, people are able to access the Internet because every PC has a connection to a server. Every PC has software loaded on it called a browser. This software is often Internet Explorer, but possibly Netscape or Morzilla Firefox takes the requests for the Internet access and services and then displays the results on the PC.

    • Word count: 2247
  11. Topshop Transactional website

    Punk, Office etc and different types of designer that design for Topshop e.g. Celia Birtwell Topshop Boutique - This option also shows you different types of designers but the designers are not house hold names but are well known e.g. Richard Nicoll and Markus Lupfer. The TEE shop - the tee shop shows the different style of plain t-shirts you can purchase in every colour so that if you're looking for a simple top it will be easily found. The denim shop - this includes all denim items the Topshop provide e.g. Jeans.

    • Word count: 2519
  12. Car Price Calculator

    as well as that details of the car that is being bought by that customer. If the customer replies in favour of buying car parts then he enquired about the make and model of his/her car so that an apt car part is installed to prevent spoiling the relationship with the customer by installing an inappropriate car part. If the customer is short of time, they can enquire about the car/car part they need by telephone, this prevents the customer's time being wasted resulting a happier customer more likely to return. However this creates a problem for the employees because they have to work their way through an enormous amount of filing to find out

    • Word count: 2960
  13. Free essay

    Mulimedia Application Evaluation

    My application may also persuade or dissuade the user from seeing the band in the flesh. In order to evaluate my product efficiently I had to find 5 co-operators which will use the application under my observation. These co-operators should have come from the initial target audience, however, I was only able to find 3 people from my target audience, although I did get two other people of a younger age. I set out to test in both real and simulated environments, this means in the sense of something being real whether the product is usable, does the co-operator understand where they should go next, or where they will go to if they click a particular button.

    • Word count: 2262
  14. communication and values

    I am going to protect the identity of my clients by giving them the feeling of confidence so that they can understand their abilities. In my communication work I show respect for identity. The way that I promote their identity is to listen and built an understanding of their life. The reason for this is because listening and understanding would give them the feeling that I have respected them. As Moonie described "Being an effective carer involves in learning about other people and listening to what they have to say and understanding the message people send with their body language".

    • Word count: 2437
  15. Barriers to Effective Communication Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages between two or more people; this is something that we do all the time. It is important that nurses recognise that communication is the key to good holis...

    Any of these issues could control how well a person is able to communicate with you. Therefore, for the purpose of this piece of work, I have chosen to explore two barriers to communication, and illustrate key points. The first barrier I have chosen is hearing impairment and then I am going to go on and explore speech problems as the two are linked together. Hearing loss can be broken down into many different categories. For example, there are two main types of hearing loss, these are pre lingual deafness and post lingual deafness.

    • Word count: 2108
  16. Definition of communication

    We need to identify different patterns of communications and we need to draw conclusions about the most and the least effective patterns of communication, and report their evaluation to avoid misunderstanding. Communication breakdown happens when the recipient don't receive the meaning of the message or interpret the message as the different meaning from what sender tries to encode. Communication breakdown can be seen from absences of decoding from the recipient. Factors of communication breakdown: - Physical distraction : it happens when something bother the communication and lead recipient or sender from transferring the information.

    • Word count: 2291
  17. According to Weber, what makes bureaucracies efficient? Do you agree?

    discharged precisely, unambiguously, continuously and with as much speed as possible"1 Bureaucracy is formed because there is often a need for there to be professional management of the modern means of communication, and thus this is normally the 'pacemaker' of bureaucratisation. Public lands, roads, railroads, waterways and the telegraphy were essentially managed by in a public and collective way. The development of the public communication has been a condition of importance for bureaucratic administration, though it is not a decisive condition.

    • Word count: 2318
  18. Computer Hacking is never acceptable. Discuss.

    Some do it for profit - and some of these are even legitimate" (Cheswick et al., p. 132). In other words, computer programming must be a hobby, something done for fun, not just of duty or for the money. According to The New Hacker's Dictionary on the Internet, a hacker can be defined as: 1. A person who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systems and how to stretch their capabilities, as opposed to most users, who prefer to learn only the minimum necessary. 2. One who programs enthusiastically (even obsessively) or who enjoys programming rather than just theorizing about programming. 3. A person capable of appreciating hack value. 4. A person who is good at programming quickly.

    • Word count: 2564
  19. Personal effectiveness

    A powerful sense of personal identity can help individuals achieve their goals and shape their future.2 Both beliefs and values are important aspects of an individual's personal foundation and can express a sense of certainty.3 According to theorists, beliefs are powerful sources and are influenced by forces such as education, religion, culture and personal experiences. Beliefs can be divided into two categories, positive and negative. People hold beliefs, which can influence behaviour and performance. Negative beliefs can harm performance or limit an individual's ability to perform effectively.

    • Word count: 2324
  20. What is Non-verbal (NVC) Communication?

    This kind of analysis has theoretical implications for the nature of human communication and has practical implications in a number of fields. A sender is in a certain state, or possesses some information; this is encoded into a message that is then decoded by a receiver. The meaning of a non-verbal signal can be given in terms of how it is encoded or decoded. For example in Aaron Wolfgangs book he talks about a role-play experiment. Mehrabian (Wolfgang 1968 p141)

    • Word count: 2947
  21. What form of electoral system would you recommend for Parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom?

    This is due to the way the first-past-the-post (FPTP) system works. Under our current FPTP system Britain is divided into 659 constituencies, with one MP representing each constituency, and the party winning the largest number of constituencies gains the victory at the general election, as long as this number exceeds the total of those won by the other parties. In recent British history, such an event has occurred once in February 1974 where the Conservatives won 37.9% of the vote and 297 seats, whilst Labour received 37.1% of the votes and 301 seats, however, the Liberals gained 14 seats which meant that Labour had no overall majority resulting in a hung parliament.

    • Word count: 2465
  22. Communication types.

    Memos are also useful for confirming telephone calls. External communication is when communication takes place outside the business not relating directly to the business. An example would be a letter being sent to other organisations in form of a very formal way. 3. High levels of informal communication might be harmful to a business because information that is communicated though grapevine may become disorted. This therefore means responsiveness is slow and the flow of the information around the firm is slow, hence and reducing the time for meeting the customers needs and wants.

    • Word count: 2085
  23. Can it ever be justifiable to give a machine control over a risky activity? When? What happens when something goes wrong?

    The accident happened because normal operations were suspended due to an experiment taking place. Normal safety guidelines were disregarded. Too many control rods had been removed, thus creating more heat. The coolant levels had also been reduced, so the reactor got very hot. Due to the heat, the fuel rods shattered, causing two explosions. The top of the reactor lifted off, and the containment around the reactor was broken. Air entering the core reacted with the graphite to form carbon monoxide. This is flammable and caught fire, emitting radioactive smoke into the surrounding area.

    • Word count: 2144
  24. Wikis. In order to decide which Wiki site to use, we looked at several Wiki Farms in order to select the best one:

    They are simple to use and very handy. Overall we were quite impressed with Seed Wiki. * SWIKI http://www.Swiki.net Apparently Swiki.net and its related NetUnify.org together host about 6,000 Wikis and it is a totally free service. The Swiki set-up is on the low-budget side. We had access problems during testing, and our registration brought up a message saying that our subscription had expired. Security settings can restrict access to members, restrict editing to members, or open a Wiki entirely to the public.

    • Word count: 2428
  25. The purpose of the report is to find out the way of communication systems used at the "Recruitment Agency".

    Sometimes group of colleagues work together in a group to attain a goal. Communication must therefore be maintained to facilitate theses joint effort. Without communicating ideas and thoughts it would be impossible to identify common objectives and purpose necessary for successful operations. So, what is communication ? "Communication is the exchange of ideas, opinions and information through written or spoken words" (Source: Achieve Twice A Much In Half Time, Dr. Harry Alder, ISBN 1-85703-678-6) This report will tell us about the communication systems in place by the manager at the recruitment agency. Our study includes 36 member of staff managed through a communication system by the manger and the ability to perform communication to create an understanding level.

    • Word count: 2038

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