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AS and A Level: Information Systems and Communication

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Database Coursework on a Vehicle Rental System: Analysis

    5 star(s)

    On occasion, the business also serves the self-moving industry by providing them with large vehicles for transporting heavy items to new destinations, such as when people are moving house. The offices and garages of the business are situated in Portadown, and they have been providing a vehicle rental service to the town and surrounding areas since 1985. The business is open from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Thursday, and it closes at 1pm on Fridays. On Saturdays it's open from 11am until 4pm, and it is closed on Sundays.

    • Word count: 15099
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Investigating a Transactional Website (www.latestdvd9.com)

    4 star(s)

    Structure and Navigation Site Structure The website is structured in a very simple way. From the main homepage there are the further five subpages, which you can see in the screenshot below. These pages are subordinated to the homepage. When going to a DVD, this opens a new page that shows only the DVD and its information. Using this navigation bar customers can mainly find out information about the purchase of DVDs or find the most popular DVDs of the week.

    • Word count: 7231
  3. Marked by a teacher

    Assignment A: Analysis of Transactional Website

    3 star(s)

    There are several different navigation tools, this include a search box and a specific sports search. The drop down menu is about specific sports and allows the uses to pick specific sports and items to do with that sport. There is another Navigation bar on the main page (right) is used to link the user to specific sports related page. The tool bar also has the company's logo to remind the company where they are and what site they are on. Once the user has clicked on a specific sport on the navigation bar it takes the user to the sports homepage within the site its self (right).

    • Word count: 4526
  4. Marked by a teacher

    Information Age

    3 star(s)

    It has also given us information about the ticket fare and also includes various information, such as: ticket fare for pick up and off seasons, means to buy the ticket online. All the way through network rails website can get information about the tram services that goes around other big cities in the UK such as Birmingham, black pool, Croydon, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield. Further more, if we need a fast journey it also provides information about the tube services in different areas around London such as: Docklands Light Railway Glasgow Subway ,Liverpool Underground London Underground ,and metro.

    • Word count: 5393
  5. Marked by a teacher

    I have been asked to create an ICT solution for a local events and promotions company called; EVDOP Live

    In comparison to various other security firms, ATMOS provide a relatively cheap cost of £60 per member of security used, compared with another company- BONNAFIDE Security- they charge £130 per member of staff. The company could not be run currently without a solid staff base there are 5 key members of staff at EVDOP live, they are; Peter Evans – Kerry Lindop -- Managing Directors of EVDOP Live Andrew Dufrain- Head of finance Ellis Redding- Head of administration James Whitmore- Head of marketing & Publicity Both Peter Evans and Kerry Lindop as managing directors tend not to take a predominately active role within the company.

    • Word count: 5411
  6. Marked by a teacher

    Ecommerce Case Study

    The ability to photocopy will allow the company to copy and information that they may need to keep, this could also be useful for customer service. I would ensure that Cuckoo Games was equipped with a modern printer with both a fax and photocopying function in order to help within the running of the business and providing invoices etc. for the customer. It will be essential that Cuckoo Games have a computer or computers that will be able to handle the tasks required by the company.

    • Word count: 4910
  7. Peer reviewed

    Computer Crime

    5 star(s)

    Botnets are created to be rented out for their combined computing power to send SPAM, host phishing sites, or sell fake anti-virus software (see appendix - figure 1 for scam estimates). (Peter Guerra 2009) New and emerging technologies and their impact on personal privacy protection I-Phone Released June 19, 2009, the Apple I-Phone 3GS, third generation , is a 'smart phone' with inbuilt GPS, voice recognition system, 156, 650 downloadable applets, touch screen, iPod and the list goes on (Wikipedia Contributors 2010).

    • Word count: 4447
  8. The aim of this task is to produce a report for the managing director of Chello Hotel to show how communication methods are used to transfer information.

    For example, a holiday is not solely described just using text - especially on the internet. Text is teamed with images and possibly videos for more information to get across to people and catch their attention. Multimedia is commonly seen used on the television and computer games. It is also used in advertising and throughout businesses (regardless of their aim) as they can use multimedia within presentations or reports just like these. Graphical Graphical information includes pictures, graphs and charts - anything that's stationary and not text.

    • Word count: 6484
  9. Data Processing Task. Mr Peters, the man who runs this particular Samsung store has approached me and asked me to investigate his current system of usage for keeping records of customers buying products from the store.

    They are also very much so the leader in electronic components that other companies use to build products - and as such, can control the market value and inflate prices at will. This is why the government stepped in and attempted to somewhat limit the huge conglomerate's power and scope. However, it is important to note that the company is responsible for at least 1/5 of the country's exports. As a result, they are in a position of power because of the money they supply to the government. Additionally, their vast number of employees are essential to the country's economy.

    • Word count: 11133
  10. User Guide to my minibus hire database.

    click on the "Add record" button: By clicking on the "Add record" button, a new blank form will appear like so: Adding customer records: - Beside the "Customer ID" label there will be an entry box, this box does not need to be filled in as it is an auto number field. - Beside the "Title" label there will be a dropdown data entry box with possible titles for any type of customer which can be selected. - Beside the "First name" label there will be a data entry box, type in the customer's first name in this box.

    • Word count: 3216
  11. Applied ICT - How Comet Stores could use ICT and a CCTV system.

    of the company * What kind of functional areas has the company and how many and what is the use of them * What kind of changes will the company do * The Data handling system6 Organisation Background Comet companies is profit organization, it is one of the biggest and most famous stores in the United Kingdom. Employee job descriptions are written on statements that describes the duties of each employer, responsibilities, requires qualifications, and reporting different relationships of a particular job.

    • Word count: 5109
  12. Free essay

    This research report will present a brief history of the Internet, focusing on some of the milestones in the development of such a fundamental international computer network system.

    ARPANET was created using a packet switching scheme and the system consisted of a number of individual computers connected by private lines. Packet switching is still the dominant basis of today's data communications, unlike older methods of circuit switching. Previously, circuits were reserved for the duration of only one communicating session; therefore meaning it was only possible to communicate between two parties that were interconnected. However, with packet switching, a data system is able to communicate with numerous machines through the same link, as data is collected into datagrams and transmitted as 'packets' whenever network links are free.

    • Word count: 4311
  13. From the e-commerce strategy you gave me earlier I understand that by having a website and selling goods via the site I need to be aware of certain laws and regulations, can you please give me a brief description of each law and how they will affect the c

    Freedom of Information Act 2000 The Freedom of Information is an Act by Parliament which allows you access to any information held by a public body, free of charge. If the request costs over �450 (�600 for Central Government) for the body to present the information to you, then they can ask you to narrow down the request or decline to provide it. This includes government departments, local authorities and councils, the NHS, educational establishments, museums funded by the public, police, and non-departmental public bodies, committees and advisory bodies.

    • Word count: 8151
  14. Information: G061 - Systems and Communication

    12345, �$%^&, Hello Date/time * Contains numbers and letters (depending on format) displaying the date/time to different degrees of accuracy f) Direct (primary) data is data collected from an original source. It is data that has been physically collected by you. Indirect (secondary) data has two interpretations: - Data that has been used for a purpose different to that for which it was originally collected. - The people/companies involved in collecting the data are different to those using the data.

    • Word count: 7977
  15. A2 ICT CouseWork

    Advertising The in which Workloads advertised at the moment works differently depending on if the customers finds our Company in the Thompson Local, yellow pages or on one of the local billboards scattered across Devon. Thompson-Local We use the Thompson Local Advertising agency as it is a free service and is generally easy to set up an advert on it, as it does not cost any money like other types of advertising methods e.g. TV Advertising, which can cost up to 1000's of pounds.

    • Word count: 7517
  16. Threats to Data

    Integrity of data also describes the validity of information; data could be erroneous or outdated resulting in incorrect information. Accidental loss of data This describes the act accidentally deleting data; this can also happen where information has failed to be saved or backed up. Physical threats Physical threats can cover a wide range of possible actions. In the event of a flood the medium the data is stored can be water damaged, the same applies to other events like fire or damage caused by dropping or compression.

    • Word count: 3290
  17. Communications Technology - Assignment 1

    Over distances of about 25 miles microwave repeaters are installed to repeater and boost the signal. A geostationary communication satellite essentially acts as a repeater. The diagram below shows how this works in order to be able to transmit signals around the world. Satellites in the sky are roughly 23300 miles from Earth; therefore the signals have to travel roughly 46600 miles from the sending satellite to the receiving one. These signals are sent via electromagnetic beams that travel at 186,000 miles per second which causes a latency of just 240 milliseconds.

    • Word count: 3212
  18. Theory of data communication

    models ASSIGNMENT OBJECTIVES In this assignment you will need to show that you: * know the main elements of data communications * understand transmission protocols and models WHAT YOU WILL DO IN THIS ASSIGNMENT In this assignment you will: * explain the theory that lies behind data communications, including the basic types of communication devices, signal theory, protocols and error reduction techniques * describe protocols in common use and explain their importance * compare the OSI and TCP/IP protocol models TASK INTRODUCTION You have taken a job as a junior technician at NetCo, a company that makes networking hardware (switches, routers, etc.).

    • Word count: 3917
  19. Free essay

    ICT Examples

    • Word count: 10000
  20. Health Book

    The Summit recognised the importance of an e-health system in Australia, and as a result, in November 2008, COAG agreed to the continued funding of $218 million to the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) - a non-profit company, established by the Australian, state and territory governments, to develop better ways of electronically collecting and securely exchanging health information. (Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2009) E-Health: New Developments Early July 2010, it was announced that the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)

    • Word count: 4132
  21. Wjec alevel ict creating a website

    The font size and styles used in the Website Warley Web Homepage "Warley Painters Awards" (Header) - Defult font, style 2, colour #FFFFFF "Warley Painters Awards" (body of text) - Default Font, style 1 and text colour #FFFFCC, size normal "Welcome to Warley Painters" (Header) - Header 1, default font, style 4, colour #FF9966 size normal "Welcome to Warley Painters" (body of text) - Default Font, style 3 and text colour #996633, size normal Warley Builders Web page "Harper Small Works" (Header) - font Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif, style 5, colour #FFFFFF size normal "Harper Small Works" (body of text)

    • Word count: 7166
  22. Task G Final Evaluation

    Initial user requirements: In order to get the initial user requirements laid out I had my first meeting with the senior authority of Klassy Karaoke Limited. This discussion with the manager included the brief that they had set me and the client and user requirements as stated in the brief. We also established when the client wanted the brief met and completed with my ICT solution. The requirements included were to develop and create multimedia karaoke software which ensures a vast variety of user interaction and navigation.

    • Word count: 3165
  23. Free essay

    The following report will outline how a business communicates effectively and efficiently within their company on a daily basis with the use of information communication and technology.

    Without information a company could be ruined as it may go down the wrong direction. Every organisation, regardless of size, requires information to make it work. Without current and, accurate information, the Managers in the organisation cannot make good decisions about anything. For example one company that uses information throughout is Tesco. Tesco has an online ordering form that requires a log in information table. Within the form the costumers have to fill in a lot of in formation for example Name, Surname, Address and Email. This information is used to deliver the order to the costumer the order form also has email information to advertise new products and to give the costumer valuable information.

    • Word count: 3960
  24. Different Forms of Electronic Communication

    The drawback of Gmail is while Gmail is not entirely open to the general public. But every Gmail users have invites to spare, as Google gives users anything from 0 to 100 free invitations (it was depend how users who frequently check their Gmail accounts). Gmail original limit is 1 GB Gmail but now it providing 2.7GBof storage space to every user. Google say they will keep increasing the space on Gmail (increasing the inbox capacity by a nominal four bytes)

    • Word count: 3371

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • To what extent does research support a link between stress and the immune system?

    "In conclusion to the experiments it is seen that stress is almost a definite cause of a suppressed immune system although it may not be the only reason that the immune system is suppressed. As it is not entirely sure whether stress causes the suppression of the immune system or the suppressed immune system leads to stress."

  • To What Extent Was the Poor Law a New Poor Law?

    "The new poor law was a new poor law. Due to social, political, and economical circumstances, it was necessary for the time, as the old system was ineffective, inefficient, and bad for the poor. The new laws meant that there were tighter controls over the parishes and the poor; this made less chance of uprisings and rebellions. I agree similarly to the ideas of Digby; recent investigations on the Old Poor Law have produced convergent conclusions. They emphasise that relief under the Old Poor Law was essentially a response to population growth, under-employment, and low wages, rather than their causes as the Royal Commission's report alleged."

  • This research that I've done will discuss about the effectiveness of the Light Railway Transit (LRT) in Kuala Lumpur.

    "10.5 CONCLUSION In a nutshell, Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway and Malaysia's Mass Transit have some similarity in term of technology and facilities. However, Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway is more advanced than Malaysia's Mass Transit as they had started very early in the late 60's. Effectiveness of Malaysia's Mass Transit can be improved gradually and hopefully they can be as good as Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway. APPENDIX 1. Map showing Hong Kong mass transit routes. Source: www.mtr.com.hk"

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