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AS and A Level: Information Systems and Communication

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  1. 1st year project

    * It may be difficult to read of members of staffs handwriting This could stop the staff from being able to contact clients * Information could be misread or mistaken for something else * They might run out of space in the diary Why ICT is the best solution to the problem The most obvious reason why ICT is the best solution is that it is a much faster way of storing and inputting data; computers take a much shorter time to perform tasks than humans.

    • Word count: 4911
  2. Database Coursework on a Rental System: Design

    If the problems can be addressed by merely using an off-the-shelf package, then having a tailor-made package designed is just unnecessary expenditure on the part of the organisation. I believe the problems with Fred's Car Rentals' system can be addressed via other means, and that's even before one considers the exacerbation of this potential avenue of software acquirement by time and money constraints, so needless to say, Fred's Car Rentals will not be using bespoke software. Another possible option is to buy an off-the-shelf package.

    • Word count: 13073
  3. In this report I will chose 2 different but relevant companies that have I.C.T systems such as booking systems also pay roll and stock control systems. I will have to write a report on each system and explain it.

    Functional areas need to communicate effectively so that they can successfully work together towards common objectives. Blockbusters provide home entertainment by renting out there Videos, DVDs, CDs and Games. Blockbusters organisation exists for a purpose, the purpose id to make profit by producing an excellent product or service. As well as making profit the business organisation will have other aims such as producing products of high quality, expanding their organisation, acquiring new businesses and developing their staff. Blockbusters use booking systems as it is the easiest and quickest way for you to rent out a film.

    • Word count: 1270
  4. interpersonal communication

    To have a better understanding of those differences, the meaning of the word 'culture' should be identified, but since it is different for each individual, therefore it cannot be defined specifically. The definition of Culture develops with the personal experiences, for example: interpersonal messages shape our understandings of relationships, family connections, organizations, or communities, and also imply on shaping perceptions, attitudes, behaviours and how to deal with conflicts that are omnipresent whenever two or more people socialize. The point mentioned above, generates cultural differences and therefore, forms problems in interpersonal communication.

    • Word count: 1065
  5. Interpersonal Communication

    One-way and two-way communication In general, interpersonal communication can be seen as either one-way or a two-way system of communication. One way communication is when an individual communicates with others without the expectation of feedback whereas a two-way system requires some form of interaction from colleagues. In Kurt Lewin's leadership style this is called an autocratic style where the leader takes decisions without consulting others. Lewin said that this style caused the most level of discontent (Lewin, K. et al).

    • Word count: 1395
  6. Apply the theory of communication to a health related issue in a practical way

    Initially the model was produced to study communication via the telephone. Their employers Bell Telephones were interested in transporting messages fully and accurately over wires. Bell Telephones also made them responsible to find out how much "interference could be tolerated on the telephone line before the message became difficult or impossible to understand." (Watson J, 2003 p34) The model implies that in order to communicate there must be an information source, a transmitter, a receiver and a destination. Communication takes place when the transmitter encodes the information received into a signal, which is then passed on to the receiver which decodes the signal and reacts appropriately.

    • Word count: 1555
  7. communication and values

    I am going to protect the identity of my clients by giving them the feeling of confidence so that they can understand their abilities. In my communication work I show respect for identity. The way that I promote their identity is to listen and built an understanding of their life. The reason for this is because listening and understanding would give them the feeling that I have respected them. As Moonie described "Being an effective carer involves in learning about other people and listening to what they have to say and understanding the message people send with their body language".

    • Word count: 2437
  8. ICT 3b evaluation

    A car system does meet the taxi drivers needs because it makes the taxi driver more joyful while at work and makes him enjoy work and if he goes home he has not got the mardys because he has not enjoyed work. If the passenger has been moaning and being very annoying he can listen to music when the passenger goes, so it makes him relax. The taxi driver knows where there is traffic so he does not need to phone people to ask them where the traffic is.

    • Word count: 3122
  9. transmission of care values

    "Definitions of self-esteem vary in their breadth and sophistication. But all agree that high self-esteem means that we appreciate ourselves and our personal worth." (BBC Online, 2007) A loss of purpose in life - this will make the person feel like they are alienated or excluded from others if they do not communicate with them. A loss of support - if other people are not communicating with a person, they may find it difficult to cope because their social and emotional needs are not being met. The service user may end up with 'learned helplessness' or feeling trapped.

    • Word count: 3054
  10. Computer networks: Operation and application

    It is known as octets. Each of this octets is then converted into decimal format and separated by dots. Like iTekx company has its IP address Each bit in the octet has binary weight such as 128, 64, 32, 16, 8 , 4, 2 and 1, which sums to 255. the minimum value for an octet is 0 that means it contains all 0s, and the maximum value for an octet is 255 which contains all 1s. Address Classes The class A address has only 8 network bits and 24 remaining bits are used for the host field.

    • Word count: 3105
  11. Setting up a new system (installing software and hardware)

    To adjust the time you simply click on the Digital display, then click on the hours (highlighted in blue) and then use the up and down roll arrows to select the hour you want. You follow the same procedure to adjust the minutes also. Any adjustments that you make will not come into affect until you either click the apply button or close the dialogue box using the red "X" button. TIME ZONE SETTING The Time Zone TAB is for use when the computer is being used in a different time zone. In England we live in the GMT (Greenwich mean time zone)

    • Word count: 1750
  12. The London Ambulance Service: a critical study on the failure story

    Being aware of the complete manual system LAS attempted to introduce a computer-aided despatch system (CAD) in 1980s, but was abandoned due to lack of satisfactory performance during load testing. A new team was formed in 1990 to work out a new CAD system. The system was commissioned 9 months late and failed within 2 weeks. There were flaws at Project Management and Organizational level which led to the failure of the system. 2. Problems Encountered - Lessons Learnt: The management made an appreciable step in identifying a system which can help LAS meet nationally recognized ORCON's performance requirements.

    • Word count: 1480
  13. Systems Analysis Systems Analysis systems Analysis

    Design- This is the design of the program. This is how the program is set out and planned from the layout, title, subheading and paragraphs. Implementation- Development of a program. The process of putting all program functions and activities into place. Testing- This means when you have designed the program and test it out to see where the error is. Maintenance- The maintenance involves making changes to hardware, software to support its operational effectiveness * Variations of Software Development Life Cycle 1.

    • Word count: 689
  14. How and why lisening skills are paramount to social work

    Finally there is the receiver, the person being communicated with. The communication process involves five major elements, the message, the transmission medium, the receiver and the feedback. The message is not the only information sent, it also includes emotions, which is what gives the words meaning, as words do not establish the full meaning or message being sent as interpretation plays a part in understanding meaning. There are three fundamental elements in interpretation, which are, the setting, the service user and the agency. It is my understanding that the relationship of the three elements of interpretation will define what interpretation is, and its importance in reaching the correct interpretation.

    • Word count: 3067
  15. An expert system is a computer application that solves complicated problems that would otherwise require extensive human expertise. To do so, it simulates the human reasoning process

    Expert systems have a very wide potential application to many areas of human endeavor in which expertise is important. Areas of application include: * Medical diagnosis * Taxation planning * Product pricing Characteristics a) The most obvious feature of an expert system is that it operates as an interactive system that responds to questions, asks for clarifications, makes recommendations and generally aids the decision-making process. To a user, this interactive interface is what would distinguish an expert system from any ordinary computer tool. Behind this interface lie other characteristics that may not be immediately obvious to a person using the tool.

    • Word count: 727
  16. Electoral Systems

    In an election for the legislative body, the candidates represent and compete for an electoral district (a geographically coordinated area); thus the winner of the outcome gets to represent the district that he or she has won.6 In a majority system the candidate has to win fifty or more percent of the votes in gain a seat. Majority is attained through three procedures: the run off, plurality, and alternative.7 In a proportional system seats are award in proportion to votes received.

    • Word count: 1426
  17. Communication Table for business

    Explain in detail these different methods of communications. You must include 3 paper-based types of communications - use a Letter, Memo and Report and include ICT methods of communications - to cover these different types of communications. For ICT methods you can use Emails, Video conferencing, Internet or Intranet. You have to give details on how it works, whether the communication is for internal or external use and whom it is for within the organisation. You need to say why this method of communication is appropriate and whether there are advantages and disadvantages of the type of communication.

    • Word count: 641
  18. There are three separate energy systems required involve in physical activities. Different sports may require the development of one of these systems or all three. With knowledge of these different energy systems this enables training

    However there is another molecule called phosphocreatine (PC) in muscle cells. This can be hydrolsyed to release energy to instantly re-synthesize ATP. This energy system is called ATP-PC or Alactic Anaerobic. This can provide a brief, approximately 10-30 seconds only, intense muscular contraction. This mechanism is anaerobic so requires no oxygen, and does not cause a build-up of toxins like lactic acid. This mechanism is the first supply of ATP and obviously is only useful for short muscular bursts or sudden movement.

    • Word count: 660
  19. The purpose of this essay is to describe an incident which occurred with a patient while in the clinical placement. This paper will attempt briefly to describe an encounter with a patient on the ward in terms of the use of effective communication skills.

    Mr. Black is a 64 year old patient diagnosed with personality disorder and paralysis. I approached Mr. Black after he had called for help. I addressed Mr. Black and asked him what i could do for him. As he started speaking, i used colloquialism, as Miller (2002) stated was part of verbal communication, yet i could not understand what he was saying, although i knew he was from the West Indies since i saw how his daughter looked and dressed the day before, his speech was not clear, he spoke low, stumbled over the words and could not articulate the sounds because of the paralysis.

    • Word count: 705
  20. Glossary Task for Networks DUE DATE: 18 February 2005 TASKConstruct a glossary of key terms, with explanations of their meanings, relevant to networks

    The bandwidth is particularly important for Input / Output devices. The more data that is to be transmitted in a given time, the greater the bandwidth required. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Baseband and broadband transmission: The difference between baseband and broadband is that baseband only allows one signal but with broadband it allows more than one signal at a time ------------------------------------------------------------------- Bottleneck: A bottleneck relates to a microprocessor and bandwidth It is usually caused by to much data being sent at the one time It might be resolved by getting a faster microprocessor or better bandwidth.

    • Word count: 3173
  21. Movie Jungle Fever and Social Systems Theory

    We cannot know all there is to know. We seek some way of ordering what we encounter to avoid being overloaded with information. We focus in on small areas of knowledge rather than trying to comprehend the whole. There are several types of Social Systems. Let's take a look at them using the movie "Jungle Fever" to explain their essence. The three major perspectives of organizations are a rational system, a natural system and an open system. But in generally in the movie we saw the closest attention is paid to a mezzo open system (the main heroes and their

    • Word count: 1119
  22. Kenwood - Functions and objectives

    Below will explain how each functional area of Kenwood helps the business to meet their overall strategic objectives. Marketing Marketing are responsible for producing a brand image for the company to increase customer awareness. Their main responsibilities are: * market objectives, definition, and segmentation * consumer behaviour and promotional strategy * logistics and physical distribution * marketing institutions and channels * market research * policies, plans, and strategies So in turn if all of these are achieved then Kenwood will have entered their products into other word markets and while obtaining a reasonable profit. Finance This particular department will have set objectives but still have to meet the requirements of the other departments.

    • Word count: 1486
  23. Networking: switching

    When data is sent it must arrive in sequencing order and at a constant arrival rate. References: Introduction to Networking, WestNet Learning Technologies Packet Switching Systems Packet-Switched networks, this networks divides all messages on the LAN (local area network) into small chunks called packets and attaches information to the front of the packet that identifies the recipient. The packets from all the machines on the local area network are placed on a high-bandwidth cable running through all the machines on the network.

    • Word count: 1179
  24. The Local Community

    The Local Community - Library Overview I am writing an overview of community partnerships across Burnage. It draws on information provided to the community in response to an informal survey. The group found the information provided very useful and will use it to bring up to date its work. However, as that information was given to the group in confidence it is presented to give a general picture of progress in the community. ICT Effect on Community The library's photocopying services are offered in agreement with the requirements of the Copyright Act.

    • Word count: 1363
  25. Businesses need to communicate with a range of different individuals and organisations. Good communication within a business is essential if the business is to operate effectively. External Communication using ICT

    One of the advantages of online shopping is that goods can be sold easily throughout the world. It is a very quick and efficient method. One of the disadvantages for the customer is the possibility of fraud. This could in turn affect businesses because if customers don't feel happy using credit cards on the internet then online shopping will not expand. The internet can reduce business cost. It reduces the costs of overheads. However whether this would be the case with Boots plc is not certain as the shops need to be kept open and properly staffed.

    • Word count: 1485

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