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AS and A Level: Information Systems and Communication

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  1. Explain the personal attributes valued by employers of IT personnel.

    This allowed me to complete more work in the time frame I was given which was very useful to my team. Independence Independence is also a very important soft skill to have in the workplace. Employees will be expected to complete tasks on their own without any help from others. Employees need to think for themselves and not rely on other people to tell them what they have to do next. At BP I showed independence by making meetings with people I needed specific information rather than waiting for someone to come to me.

    • Word count: 692
  2. Analyse the skills required by health and social care workers to use and manage information and communication technology.

    The range of ICT skills required are listed below. 1. To collect and input data 2. To access data 3. To find data (research) 4. To retrieve saved data (often quickly) 5. To save data 6. To protect data 7. To store data 8. To share data 9. To present data I am going to explore the reasoning behind the need of the skills in bold. Data sharing is important as this data may in the future allow scientists to cure this disease or to know more about it.

    • Word count: 1386
  3. Communication & Employability Skills for IT. OCR Cambridge Technicals Unit 1 LO1-P1

    Sense of humour-Keeping employees active requires a lot of effort. For example if the office internet stops working then the employees can get frustrated. Using sense of humour could help them keep in track and reduce anger/frustration levels. It is the job of the team leader to instil positive energy even when there are no problems that is when their sense of humour comes into play. Sense of humour is vital to relieve tension and boredom this will also help to diffuse hostility.

    • Word count: 7089
  4. AO3 Investigate how search engines work

    Although these are looked at as search engines(they are technically) a better way of putting would be a collection of sites put together by human editors and arranged according the subject the website is specializing in. examples include: Yahoo Best of the web Skaffe The websites on these sites are usually very high quality and informative and are almost never duplicates. This is because directories such as Yahoo and best of the web inspect their websites and pre screened by humans.

    • Word count: 3513
  5. Selecting Hardware For A User With Special Needs

    Because it is All-in-one PC therefore it doesn?t need monitor so it will take less space in the work station therefore Damian can able to organise his work station much quicker and better. It also including keyboard and mouse, it gives the user the full set of the computer that they need for the business. The mouse is two handed mouse therefore it suitable for Damian to control the computer also the computer is touch screen therefore he can be able to user the computer must better than with mouse.

    • Word count: 757
  6. Personal Learning Plan for IT

    I found out about personal attributes valued by employers. I now know why they are important. I understand what is the key term I need to use for explain the personal attributes. I can able to explain the personal attributes by using the key terms to help but sometimes I still struggle to find the work to explain. 2 General communication skill (cultural differences, voice adaptation etc) I need to understand the problems of communication skills, which will help me to understand how it is affecting the communication and the effects of it.

    • Word count: 1728
  7. Popularity of Social networking sites: The reasons and how to exploit for good purposes

    Sometime, peer pressure can act in this case. The trend of being ?cool? if one has a latest gadget or use more technology compared to others will mean that the less technologically dependant person will gradually yield to the mental pressure and slowly, everyone will be using that gadget or technology in few days. What are the good outcomes of this tech culture? How can we use this trend to the benefit of the society? First advantage is education. With the global popularity of micro blogging and social media site Twitter, it can mean that the ?Conversation? feature can be used after class among students as well as teachers to instruct, guide, discuss and inform.

    • Word count: 999
  8. Discuss the impact of ICT on the way we socialise and interact with each other.

    People usually want to physically see their friends as well. However, by the time technology has been improving, people wanted more and more high technology devices to achieve better life quality. Some hardware devices such as touch screen smart phones and computers are now one of the most reliable communication tools. With the use of computers, there are many social communication application software available for people to install on their computers, so that we can keep in touch with friends who live in remote countries.

    • Word count: 681
  9. Identify, possible future developments in ICT and explain the impacts they might have on how we shop.

    This means each individual has their own mobile phone number if they got a mobile phone. This has quickly changed the trend of telephones; more and more people used mobile phone instead. Moving forward to the 90?s, people tried to invent lighter and smaller mobile phone so as to satisfied what people needed in those days, a lighter phone reduces travel weight and a smaller phone will help easy keeping it in their pocket. Until the late 90?s to the 20?s, people invented low colour pixels screen resolution mobile phones, which increased sales and level of interesting significantly.

    • Word count: 1041
  10. Discuss the impacts on disability of ICT

    However, these hardware are relatively expensive. It might be hard for some people to afford. The other downside is every individual who uses a braille keyboard will need to learn the ?braille language? which can take a long time to learn a new language. Apart from braille devices for the visually impaired, there is another device called eye typer for people who have loss of arms or/and legs. An eye typer is a hardware which fits onto the muscles near the eye to control the pointer on the computer screen.

    • Word count: 761
  11. Discuss the impacts on medicine of ICT

    This helps conveying information without having the worries of misunderstanding or illegible writing. With EPR, font style is pre-set and everyone should be able to understand. Regards to treatment improvement of ICT, there is a number of devices used affects the way how patients are treated. With the use of sensors, it scans body tissues of human. This is ideal to be used to detect blood clot tumours and fractures in the body.

    • Word count: 535
  12. How ICT impacts on me

    Since then, I used computer every day. My mum saw this then she set me a do?s list and a don?ts list. She thought that I was too addicted to the internet for some reason. This probably is one of the handicaps of how ICT impacts on me. On the other hand, teachers taught us how to use email on the internet since we were small, that leaded me communicating with my school friends during holiday. I thought this was very easy for us; we did not have to ring each other very frequently, we could simply send emails.

    • Word count: 664
  13. How will ICT affect education, employment and transport of the future?

    Students can always download presentation slides on the internet as soon as the teacher uploaded them up. This helps a lot when the student was absent or anything that she didn?t understand during the lesson, she can always download presentation slides to revise and ask teacher for further help. Students could also access to any school sharing files on the common sharing hard drives. In addition, teachers always gain from preparing handouts and materials for the coming lessons. This reduces the teacher?s time in order to produce a huge amount of copies for the entire class.

    • Word count: 1164
  14. Discuss the impact of ICT on the way we socialise and interact with each other

    Facebook makes people staring at the computer for hours and not socialising in an ordinary way, especially teenagers. Worse could be, students appear to not to study because they are addicted into Facebook. To my own opinion, Facebook affects the most in the world. According to the Facebook statistics and facts for 2011, there are 5,000,000,000 active users on Facebook, approximately 1 in 13 people in the world; half of them logged in on any given day of 2011. For the socialising side, 10,208,000 comments were made and 2,760,000 messages were sent over last year of 2011. We can see how huge the figures are. This is higher than we expected. According to an U.S.

    • Word count: 564
  15. Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing

    Social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter and others. The things all these websites have in common are that they allow you to communicate with friends and family across the Internet. There is a way that someone can create a community on the internet, once that has been done you can share a variety of things with people. Blogs are basically web logs. They are posted as entries/statuses for people to read them on your own blog. The ways they are ordered are new at the top and old at the bottom.

    • Word count: 662
  16. Discuss the Causes and Effects of the Digital Divide

    Less economic developed countries do not have really a point of buying computers because of their low literacy rate because they would know how to even use it. Some places in some countries like Nigeria do not even have consistent power supply so there is not really a point of having a computer because u will not be able to use it when they need to. The people who usually have all the latest technology are the ones who have a better standard of living they are usually more happy than people who do not have the latest technology because

    • Word count: 2713
  17. Evaluation of an IT task - producing a holiday brochure

    Before completing the final version of my work, it was necessary to produce a draft of both documents. For the draft of my leaflet, I created a four page leaflet. Page one being a front cover, of which I used a varied background, many images overlapping each other to give effect and I used word art for the titles and borders. Page two, I used the information from the internet and brochures to produce a page of filled information. Also on pages three and four I used images from the internet and from brochures as well as relevant information.

    • Word count: 827
  18. Human Interface - visual perception and models of interaction.

    Perception Pop out effect The Perception pop out effect, allows something to "pop out" on a display. A target made up of a combination of non-unique features that normally cannot be detected pre-attentively. Another important consideration is the effect of different types of background distracters on the target. For example a picture consists of blue squares and includes a red square. The eyes will automatically target the red square, because it looks totally different from the other and is outstanding. This is what the pop out effect is. Perception pattern e.g. proximity Most users will think that the pattern is just a part of the GUI as the design or layout, but for the designer it is the template.

    • Word count: 1431
  19. Explain the legislation and legal implications of Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 in relation to using and editing graphical images.

    For example if someone took an image off the Family Guy website, reproduced it somewhere else and did not ask permission of the creators, they are breaking the law. They would need to have a liscence for such images to be reproduced. Also if an image is taken and is edited so that it looks nothing like the 1st image it is still illegal, as the base image is still the same and has no lisence.

    • Word count: 499
  20. Explain the functions of network management

    After designing the network, you need to test it and show it to the customer if they may want to change the layout. Installing You need to decide what hardware and software you need to install before you start designing the network and how long it will take to install, and you need to know accurate amount time required therefore you can prepare for any trouble it may cause. You need to decide what kind of cable you are going to use.

    • Word count: 1079
  21. During my coursework I will be inventing an Ict system for Mr Robert black as he has approached me to help his new catering company mobile lunches 4u.

    However, this is also constructive for his company because this will allow his company to become more professional and modern. This can be an advantage because most people like to eat and go to professional places which mean more costumers that can lead to more profit. How Mr Robert Black was before and how he is going to be with an Ict system? Before: In the morning when Mr Black woke up he took his stock book out and reads and calculates items in his stock are low and with this information he makes a list of item which he will be ordering from the suppliers.

    • Word count: 1436
  22. E-Commerce - Ebay and Boots case studies

    It?s usually used by adults who know how to use the product. People are more likely to want to buy from an adult than a younger teenager. The main target audience for EBay is people over 18 that have access to the internet. Auction service on EBay When you are buying a product you either get an option to buy it now or to bid on it. When you click buy it now, you pay a certain price. When you choose to bid on it, the highest bidder at the end of a period of time wins and buys the product.

    • Word count: 1469
  23. The Use of Public Service Websites and Their Positives and negative Impacts on Individuals and Society

    These all link to create a benefit of education. This helps a wide range of ages and people to do homework, research for jobs and just to keep up to date with the society or braking news from around the world. However a negative impact of broadcasting websites on the Internet is that society will get less money from TV licence payers. This is due to not having to pay a TV licence. Baring in mind you need to own a TV licence in order to watch television legally.

    • Word count: 1734
  24. Businesses now have to take certain precautions to ensure theirs and customer data is safe and not under threat

    Your card details will only be used when making a transaction. A customer always has the option to whether they want to stop emails or would like their data removed from the system. Hacking There are many risks when entering your personal details into these websites as you can never be sure that the security is efficient. Unauthorised users can access these details by logging into the network security system from outside or just taking the information if they work on the inside.

    • Word count: 2139

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