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AS and A Level: Information Systems and Communication

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  1. I had to create an event driven application for the company Kris Arts Media, in order for them to be able to have a working calculator that provides their customers with a brief estimation on how much the cost will be to print out certain brochures

    Name Text Text Box Name Text 2.2 - Data Storage Furthermore, the need for storage space will not be required within this event driven programme, additionally, the user will be able to use the calculator to gain an estimated quote, however there will not be a need for the company, "Kris Arts" to store the data for future reference, seeing as the event driven programme is only an estimation 2.3 - Action/Event Table Action Event User makes a basic selection No event happens User clicks a button on the application Programme starts the calculation process User clicks the "Calculation Cost"

    • Word count: 676
  2. Data Processing Task. Mr Peters, the man who runs this particular Samsung store has approached me and asked me to investigate his current system of usage for keeping records of customers buying products from the store.

    They are also very much so the leader in electronic components that other companies use to build products - and as such, can control the market value and inflate prices at will. This is why the government stepped in and attempted to somewhat limit the huge conglomerate's power and scope. However, it is important to note that the company is responsible for at least 1/5 of the country's exports. As a result, they are in a position of power because of the money they supply to the government. Additionally, their vast number of employees are essential to the country's economy.

    • Word count: 11133
  3. User Guide to my minibus hire database.

    click on the "Add record" button: By clicking on the "Add record" button, a new blank form will appear like so: Adding customer records: - Beside the "Customer ID" label there will be an entry box, this box does not need to be filled in as it is an auto number field. - Beside the "Title" label there will be a dropdown data entry box with possible titles for any type of customer which can be selected. - Beside the "First name" label there will be a data entry box, type in the customer's first name in this box.

    • Word count: 3216
  4. In this part of the assignment I will be explaining about the implementation of direct communication between two network devices. To implement the direct communication between two computers, you need to make sure the computer cables are connected correct

    To implement the direct communication between two computers, you need to make sure the computer cables are connected correctly and the computer system are on and ready to use.

    • Word count: 109
  5. Applied ICT - How Comet Stores could use ICT and a CCTV system.

    of the company * What kind of functional areas has the company and how many and what is the use of them * What kind of changes will the company do * The Data handling system6 Organisation Background Comet companies is profit organization, it is one of the biggest and most famous stores in the United Kingdom. Employee job descriptions are written on statements that describes the duties of each employer, responsibilities, requires qualifications, and reporting different relationships of a particular job.

    • Word count: 5109
  6. Signal Theory - Communications Technology. Analogue signals are converted to digital using sampling, basically at least two samples are made per cycle, and the more samples the higher quality of the digital output.

    Amplitude Amplitude is the difference between the top peak and the bottom peak on a Sine Wave, the difference is measured in Volts. Wavelength The Wavelength is the length of a cycle; this is usually measured in mm, �m and nm. How Analogue Signals are converted to Digital Signals Analogue signals are converted to digital using sampling, basically at least two samples are made per cycle, and the more samples the higher quality of the digital output. This is called quantisation; this maps the continuous range of signals and breaks down the bits into a digital signal.

    • Word count: 1644
  7. Ict in business. ICT systems in each garden centre - hardware and software.

    cheap way of doing because the when the system is off, they wont be able to see the printer available The templates which they have saves time however if the system breaks down there will be no printer or templates Department ICT systems on the nursery site Hardware linked in a local area network (LAN) with a single server. There is a workstation for each member of staff in each department of the Head office as well as one in the warehouse and one in the head gardener's office.

    • Word count: 966
  8. Implications of the Internet - moral, social and commercial disadvantages of the Internet.

    Potentially, this addiction can cause problems in other aspects of life e.g. careers, family relations, friendships and issues with ones self-esteem. Of course, when morally speaking there are the typical issues concerning p*********y that it is exploitative in nature. Many argue that p*********y teaches people to view others as objects of l**t rather than someone with feelings and unique personality traits. Consequently the threat of harming the way in which we view others increases as the Internet has made p*********y much easier to consume in large quantities.

    • Word count: 2563
  9. Free essay

    This research report will present a brief history of the Internet, focusing on some of the milestones in the development of such a fundamental international computer network system.

    ARPANET was created using a packet switching scheme and the system consisted of a number of individual computers connected by private lines. Packet switching is still the dominant basis of today's data communications, unlike older methods of circuit switching. Previously, circuits were reserved for the duration of only one communicating session; therefore meaning it was only possible to communicate between two parties that were interconnected. However, with packet switching, a data system is able to communicate with numerous machines through the same link, as data is collected into datagrams and transmitted as 'packets' whenever network links are free.

    • Word count: 4311
  10. Possible Future Developments of the Internet. Pervasive Networking and Mobile, Wireless and Senor Network Access

    Using the existing RFID tags used for security in shops, we as consumers will be able to scan the bar codes of food products to alert us with any allergy risks or excess sugar for the likes of diabetics - this clearly saves time for people with allergies or other medical problems who have to extensively check food products. Alternatively, we can have our own RFID tags that have personal settings in them, such as your clothing sizes and preferred colours or materials, so when you are out shopping along the clothes rails, the items which match your preferences will be drawn out, for example, by a small flashing LED light.

    • Word count: 1099
  11. From the e-commerce strategy you gave me earlier I understand that by having a website and selling goods via the site I need to be aware of certain laws and regulations, can you please give me a brief description of each law and how they will affect the c

    Freedom of Information Act 2000 The Freedom of Information is an Act by Parliament which allows you access to any information held by a public body, free of charge. If the request costs over �450 (�600 for Central Government) for the body to present the information to you, then they can ask you to narrow down the request or decline to provide it. This includes government departments, local authorities and councils, the NHS, educational establishments, museums funded by the public, police, and non-departmental public bodies, committees and advisory bodies.

    • Word count: 8151
  12. Information: G061 - Systems and Communication

    12345, �$%^&, Hello Date/time * Contains numbers and letters (depending on format) displaying the date/time to different degrees of accuracy f) Direct (primary) data is data collected from an original source. It is data that has been physically collected by you. Indirect (secondary) data has two interpretations: - Data that has been used for a purpose different to that for which it was originally collected. - The people/companies involved in collecting the data are different to those using the data.

    • Word count: 7977
  13. Topic 8 - Development Methods

    * Reducing the number of part deliveries by having a much more efficient and accurate stock control system. Cost Benefit Analysis: Being able to create a new system with stated aims and objectives at reasonable cost, this is called a feasibility report, where the costs and benefits are weighed up. Initial Fact Find: Will give information on what is required from the project. Investigation: Will be taken into the technical, legal, economic, operational and schedule implications. Analysis Looks in to detail of the current system or requirements, this person is called a system analyst who also investigates new requirements.

    • Word count: 1173
  14. Communications and employability assignment 1

    � Communicativeness- This attribute defines if a person can communicate efficiently in order to get the right information so they can do exactly what is needed. A table of attributes Attribute Why it is valued Punctuality Employers want their future employees to come on time. Adaptability Employers need people that can adapt to any task given Willingness Employers need people that want to work hard and are willing to do their tasks Communicativeness Employers need people that have wide grammar and understand their tasks Conclusion Certain attributes are common in every type of work and others are needed by an employer in certain fields of jobs.

    • Word count: 2152
  15. Information systems assignment 1

    I certify that the learner named above has met the deadline date stated for this assignment Signed: Date : Content * Leisure organisational chart and description of characteristics P1 * Table of internal and external flows P2 * Information Flow Diagram P3 * Explain the importance of the data processing cycle M1 * Comparison tables M2 * Report of initial findings D1 Characteristics and sources of information Characteristics of information are reliability, accessibility, validity and fit in for purpose. These are the main characteristics of information that define them.

    • Word count: 1081
  16. Input, process, output

    Members details are looked up: details will be displayed on screen or printed out if letter needs to be sent to customer who are overdue or need to be contacted for other reasons. DVD 1. New DVD is brought: information for the new DVD is provided by the supplier and it will be added using a DVD entry form. 2. An existing DVD's details change: This will be amended using the data entry form. 3. Existing DVD is returned to supplier or sold: these DVDs are selected by using a query which picks out DVDs that haven't been rented out over a certain period.

    • Word count: 1002
  17. Proposed system

    Lastly the table form which has all current customers holds the ability to categories customers. For example the user will be able to rearrange the customers in alphabetical order or they can rearrange them according to there location which will help with tasks where an employee doesn't know the customers name or id and has to search for them manually. This searching method can be replicated if a user wishes to search for a specific DVD or rental. In the current system deleting existing customer if they do not wish to be a member anymore involves searching through customer membership forms manually, still carrying the problems stated above.

    • Word count: 1468
  18. A2 ICT CouseWork

    Advertising The in which Workloads advertised at the moment works differently depending on if the customers finds our Company in the Thompson Local, yellow pages or on one of the local billboards scattered across Devon. Thompson-Local We use the Thompson Local Advertising agency as it is a free service and is generally easy to set up an advert on it, as it does not cost any money like other types of advertising methods e.g. TV Advertising, which can cost up to 1000's of pounds.

    • Word count: 7517
  19. Employment oppertunities

    Since many companies and shops now have their own personal websites they are always hiring web designers to make the websites for them. Many people are now choosing to study this skill as it is a demanding industry and better skills are constantly needed as there is a lot of competition between web pages. Since there is so much technology now available, it has created many jobs for people to help with it.

    • Word count: 454
  20. Ict Entertainment

    Cassette/ CD players are hardly seen these days as they are not as convenient and easy to carry around. With an MP3 player you can store many songs on them by simply connecting it to a computer and transferring the songs you want onto it. I have previously owned a CD walkman and I have to say, it is much more convenient using an MP3 player as I do not have to carry around multiple CD's as all my songs are one the one device. As well as playing music, some can play videos and display photos. Another entertainment device that has seen vast improvements over the years is Nintendo's handheld consoles.

    • Word count: 558
  21. Threats to Data

    Integrity of data also describes the validity of information; data could be erroneous or outdated resulting in incorrect information. Accidental loss of data This describes the act accidentally deleting data; this can also happen where information has failed to be saved or backed up. Physical threats Physical threats can cover a wide range of possible actions. In the event of a flood the medium the data is stored can be water damaged, the same applies to other events like fire or damage caused by dropping or compression.

    • Word count: 3290
  22. Global Warming

    �Quien es la audiencia? El p�blico son las personas que est�n interesados en saber m�s sobre el calentamiento global y sus efectos en el mundo. El p�blico tambi�n incluye ni�os, porque la pel�cula muestra los dibujos animados. �La pelicula es parcial o imparical? La pel�cula es parcial ya que s�lo muestra un punto de vista, y no apoyan otras ideas. Tambi�n es parcial porque dice que todos los cr�ticos del calentamiento global est�n incorrectos. Cuales son los medios de comunicaci�n que han usado para proveer este fen�meno?

    • Word count: 733
  23. Task A Internet and Intranet use

    The Internet is a series of multiple computer networks linking smaller computer networks worldwide. It includes commercial, educational, governmental, and other networks, all of which use the same set of communication method. It can be used for many different things such as chatting, e-mail, news, gaming and images. It is used world wide by millions of people in modern day society. The advantages of using the internet for staff and students in Sidney stringer are: They can use many different websites to help them with research for lessons so if students got homework to research something then they can use the internet for this.

    • Word count: 2645
  24. Communications Technology - Assignment 1

    Over distances of about 25 miles microwave repeaters are installed to repeater and boost the signal. A geostationary communication satellite essentially acts as a repeater. The diagram below shows how this works in order to be able to transmit signals around the world. Satellites in the sky are roughly 23300 miles from Earth; therefore the signals have to travel roughly 46600 miles from the sending satellite to the receiving one. These signals are sent via electromagnetic beams that travel at 186,000 miles per second which causes a latency of just 240 milliseconds.

    • Word count: 3212
  25. Emails ICT

    Getting opinions on topics from other users and they can prove to be really helpful, forums can be accessed by anyone and also be posted on social networking sites which could engage a variety of audience. Forums come in different sizes and also shapes. Chat rooms A chat room is an online open discussion website where you can discuss different issues with many different people at the same time, people who join the chat room vary from different parts of the world, this way you can share opinions and thought amongst others.

    • Word count: 2441

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