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AS and A Level: Information Systems and Communication

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  1. Objectives if different business organisations

    * Creating websites as a promotional and informational instrument for an organization. Time saving IT functions are everywhere in the current business and their great benefit is the way that they can lesser costs. One way that costs can be lowered is in time saving. For example, time is saved in the rescue of information from a database or website. Quick searches can be passed out by just typing in a key word such as the name of a customer or a module. Another method that time can be saved is in the fast doubling of information.

    • Word count: 1082
  2. Communication and Employability Skills for IT

    Another example for employers looking for technical knowledge may be airline employers. It is important for cabin crew to be able to communicate effectively with other members of staff and most importantly passengers on the airline. So this means there would be a large demand for people with excess language skills. By showing these skills to an employer this will increase the chances of obtaining a job with the airline. This skill would be valued by an employer because they could find exactly what they are looking for and would not have to provide any training classes to teach the new prospective employee.

    • Word count: 3691
  3. Describing ways of identifying and meeting development needs

    Why this is important in a business is because it is a skill allowing understanding of other employee's attitudes and how their personal appearance may be different from their personalities. This will help communication and build a trust within each employee. Formal Reports By an employee producing reports for the employer this allows the employer to see how they are performing within the organisation. This means in combination with a properly conducted appraisal, these notes will make a powerful tool to help employees progress in their job and also help them to make improvements to their work.

    • Word count: 1413
  4. Learning styles

    Sitting through different lectures can be complicated for an active learner to become involved. Reflective Learners Many of these learners will prefer to work by themselves. They can process information best by thinking about it quietly. These types of learners may fall into the danger of reflecting rather than actually performing an action. These learners may stop periodically to review something they have read and then think of possible questions or application that may be asked. Sensory Learners These learners focus on sensory input. This means they like using methods to solve particular problems however, they dislike complications and surprises.

    • Word count: 1687
  5. Custom Load Trucking

    Custom Load Trucking (CLT) is a nationwide trucking firm that specialises in rapid movement of high-technology equipment. With the demanding growth of the communications and computer industries, CLT is feeling the pressure form its clients to be able to move the loads a lot more precise and quicker. There are several new information systems that are planned that will enable CLT to schedule and track shipments and trucks almost to the minute. Although trucking is not essentially a high-interest industry for information systems experts. With the shortage in the job market CLT has decided not to hire any new project managers but use the new projects to build up strong project managers within the organisation.

    • Word count: 4929
  6. Website Design, Creation and Evaluation

    to Assignment In this assignment I am going to be looking at several existing e-business websites and evaluating them individually with respect to the established rules of web design. Because of the nature of the internet, there are many such websites; however I will concentrate on some of the more recognised ones. I will also be looking at different software packages which allow for the creation of such sites, in particular multimedia websites. This will involve looking not only at the features of such packages, but also will require research into the scripting languages themselves.

    • Word count: 6686
  7. User Guide. This system is for Regs Second Hand Cars. This user guide will give you instructions on how to use the functions of this system.

    It also has three details of loan companies. This system can compare the three different loan company details along side the payment plan and price of car. Therefore the customer will be able to get quick information on the cheapest option for their purchase. Also there is a set out invoice format, where the specific agreement can be selected and then printed. There will be two outputs which come out of this system, the first is the comparison page printout and the second is the agreement printout: The rest of the details can be viewed on screens: > Customer Details

    • Word count: 5436
  8. The different aspects of the design of my website for Hatch end cars.

    This will be important if all rentals that are over three months will be deleted. Print Member Details: This button will allow details of any member stored on the database system to be printed. When it is clicked on, it asks the user for the member that they want by allowing them to type in the member ID of that particular member. This will then print off the report with the member details on it in the house style shown below: Print overdue cars: From observation and interview, I noticed that members with overdue rentals are phoned every week to remind them that they have overdue rentals and the price that they will be charged for it.

    • Word count: 4982
  9. Before the system can be installed and used by hatch end cars it is necessary to ensure that the system is perfect and suites their needs. This can be done through the use of various tests to the end system

    Erroneous data and unit testing. Midlesex Error Message: The county has been wrongly entered. The county has to be "Middlesex". Pass None needed; advice given in user guide. 3 Members form. Normal data and unit testing. Click on Member Details in the main menu. A Member form should be displayed that is legible. Pass None needed. 4 Validation in the model field, located in the cars form. Erroneous data and unit testing. PL Error message: The model of car has been wrongly entered. It should be either "CL" Or "B Class" Or "318 CI SE" Or "S" Or "A4" Or "Avensis" Or "cooper" Or "Tourneo" Or "Sharan" Pass None needed; advice given in user guide.

    • Word count: 6656
  10. Evaluation of my database project for a car sales business.

    Evidence of this been met is shown below: Adding function: An example has been shown to show that a new form can be added. Members table before adding a new member Table of members shown the member is successfully added. Edit Function: The images produced below shows that a form can be edited. The field that has been highlighted shows the data that was in the field before it was edited. The field shown on the left is the field that was edited, displaying the new data.

    • Word count: 3751
  11. This report will contain the purpose, structure and navigation of a transactional website of www.pcworld.co.uk

    I think it meets it purpose, because I was able to contact them online and then collect my laptop from the store (screen shot shown on the next page) "Service with a smile -I have only shopped online now for two items from pc world so far, their website is very straight forward and is easy to navigate. It is usually always up and running and is quick for those of us in a hurry and with busy lives." Goods or service available PC World Home Delivery Service - Normally 7 Working Days If you order a large LCD or plasma TV, you will be able to select preferred delivery dates and slots as part of the order process.

    • Word count: 2248
  12. Computer Architecture

    Output - Data is outputted when it has been executed. Instruction Set - The set of bit patterns that represent all the possible operations for a given processor. Operand - The part of a machine instruction that references data or a peripheral device. In the instruction, ADD A to B, A and B are the operands, and ADD is the operation code. Op-Code - A field or portion of a digital computer instruction that indicates which action is to be performed by the computer. Also known as command code. Machine Code - Machine code or machine language is a system of instructions and data directly executed by a computer's central processing unit.

    • Word count: 2233
  13. Computer Systems

    2 Q7. Certain applications require real time operating systems that respond to input and produce results instantly. Examples of such applications are: 1. robotic car assembly lines and nuclear power station control systems 2. games and point of sale systems 3. spreadsheet and similar electronic document processing programs A7. 1 Q8. Utility programs are usually supplied as part of an operating system package, although they are not strictly speaking part of the operating system. Common functions these utilities perform are: 1. file renaming, deletion, copying, sending output to a printer or other output device 2. de-fragmenting the hard drive, performing disk clean-up, web browsing 3.

    • Word count: 3017
  14. Information Systems

    Cost-effective The cost of capturing and producing the data should be very much less than the value of the decisions made using that data. Amazon, like any company, would like to keep its costs at a minimum so making sure research is as low as possible and has the biggest impact relative to the price. Sufficiently Accurate Information needs to be accurate enough to be useful, however does not need to be exact. If the information is not accurate enough then it cannot be used as it may be incorrect and can be misleading.

    • Word count: 2513
  15. Unit 34: E-commerce

    'Clicks' have an advantage here as online sites are open for use 24/7 and going through the checkout can be as simple as pressing a few buttons. Security - Many people have a fear of the internet due to the fact that they must enter their personal details and worry about what becomes of it. Therefore, any 'clicks' must advertise secure and safe sites that protect customer details - especially bank details and contact information. This can usually be determined using https or if there's a padlock next to the address bar.

    • Word count: 2360
  16. Computing Introduction

    This is the basic working of a computer system. However, as displayed above, there are two other components of main memory (primary storage) and auxiliary storage (secondary storage). The main memory holds the instructions that the CPU has to follow, where Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM) are the two kinds of memory. RAM is used for storing programs, which are currently running, and data, which is being processed. RAM is described as volatile memory. This is because once the computer is turned off all the contents of this memory are lost.

    • Word count: 1149
  17. Implementing a new system for Mastercare.

    A password system will need to be created for the database to prevent unauthorised access to the system. A username and password for each of the users will need to be created so that only those employees will be able to change or view any of the company details stored. Name of Company: Mastercare (division of Dixons PLC) Area of company where system is needed: Service Engineers, Office Staff Job titles of prospective users: Electrical Engineers, Customer Service Advisor Computer skills of users: The computer skills of the users of the system are adequate enough to utilize the system without the need of any training other than being shown how the system works and a user manual to refer to when problems occur during use of the system.

    • Word count: 5132
  18. User Guide

    will allow the program and system to run efficiently to its full capability, but as long as the minimum requirements are met the system and program will run. Intel Pentium 233mhz Processor 128mb RAM memory 50mb of Free hard disk space Windows 98 operating system 'QWERTY' Keyboard Mouse Colour A4 Printer 800x640 minimum screen resolution SVGA Monitor Microsoft Access 2000 Installation Guide You should follow these steps to properly install the system for your first use. 1. Insert the USB device with the Mastercare system on and go to "My Computer" (a shortcut to here is located on the desktop).

    • Word count: 2429
  19. Free essay

    Phorm and its Webwise Scheme.

    For example pretending to be a bank and obtaining your bank account. 'Webwise' will check all websites against a 'blacklist' of known fraudulent sites and warn the user. Phishing is becoming a growing concern to internet users and is an example of social engineering. Phorm state: 'Webwise can help to reduce the numbers of consumers online who are hurt by these attacks. We think that's being web wise3' Advertising: Advertising is an essential part of any business wanting to sell its product.

    • Word count: 1171
  20. Free essay

    System and Upgrades

    Clicking on the Analyse button on the application window shows the estimated disk usage after defragmentation. We can then choose to defragment the disk by clicking on the Defragment button. Screen shots of the defragmentation process are displayed below: The screen shot above shows the result of the process. Antivirus Antivirus software prevents and removes Viruses, Worms and Trojans from the computer. Most of the antivirus software comes with built in spyware, adware and malware removal tools. Antivirus software uses different methods to detect viruses; Signature based detection, Malicious activity detection and Heuristic based detection. Signature based detection is the most common way of antivirus and other malware detection.

    • Word count: 891
  21. Purpose of Operating System

    * It manages how to divide the programs to run in processors. * In a multitasking computer the OS decides which application should run in what order. THE FEATURES OF AN OPERATING SYSTEM User Interface The user interface of an Operating System controls what the user sees. The user interface accepts the input from the user, interprets the command and then takes appropriate action. For example the user interface manages the opening and closing of a window, the loading of applications and software etc. Multi-tasking This interface copes with the user running more than one application at the same time.

    • Word count: 2028
  22. System Unit Components

    It process data and executes instructions stored in the memory. Instruction is the term used for an operation that a processor process. They are stored in the main memory waiting for the processor to be processed. The processor operates at the speed of an internal clock. A processor has main three functional units- The Control unit, The Execution unit and The Bus management unit. The control unit accepts incoming instructions and data, decodes it and send to the execution unit. There it processes the task as of the instruction. The bus management unit manages the flow of incoming and outgoing data and information that links to the RAM.

    • Word count: 1111
  23. IT and Society

    Workplace- health, safety and welfare * Manual Handling operations * Personal Protective Equipment * Provision and use of work equipment Suitability of workstations: In order to meet health and safety requirements they following should be done: * Screens that are adjustable for brightness and that can be tilted and turned should be provided * Desks should have space * Have stable, adjustable chairs * The environment should also be suitably spacious and properly ventilated I carried out a Health and Safety inspection on the Matrix computer suite in Learning Resource Centre, Block 5 of the Whittingham Road Campus.

    • Word count: 6122
  24. FEB 2009 hi-tech news

    The program easily uninstalls, and most iPhones don't get damaged or affected negatively at all. The other rising issue is that the beta version of windows seven has now been spread by Russian hackers and millions of testers are testing it out.2 However officially, there are 7 Microsoft testers and they were asked to describe what has changed...3 On the first look, it seems like the desktop hasn't changed at all but this feeling is faulty, in reality the structure has changed significantly.

    • Word count: 805
  25. Unit 2 Computer Systems

    This software will improve computers performance, also by placing clusters on one disk; you can access your data quicker. Also by using this software, the scanning time that your anti-virus normally takes will be reduced by a massive amount and it will be easier for the anti-virus software to detect viruses. Checkdisk Checkdisk is a software which checks the structure of a disk to make sure that it is in full working order, this software can also repair problems related to bad sectors, cross-linked files, lost clusters, , power glitches, and also directory errors, these problems can overpower your come in many ways such causing data to corrupt.

    • Word count: 899

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