Input, process, output

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 InputProcessOutputMembers1. New Member Joins: This information will be given by the new customer. Information will be inputted manually using a keyboard and on-screen data entry forms. This will include name, address, contact details and proof of identity is required2. An existing member’s details change: Information is given by customer over the phone or in person when they want to inform jenjams about any personal details changes3. Deleting an existing customer: Request will come from customer if they do not wish to be a member. The manger will certify any details before they are deleted1. New member details need to be saved: after the details have been entered the will be checked and amended, then saved and added to current customer list.2. Changes to an existing member's details need to be saved: Changes will be amended and saved and details on the current customers list will be Updated.3. Deleted customers Membership cards need to be collected:  Details of deleted member will be noted so a letter can be sent
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requesting membership card.1. Members details are looked up: details will be displayed on screen or printed out if letter needs to be sent to customer who are overdue or need to be contacted for other reasons.DVD1. New DVD is brought: information for the new DVD is provided by the supplier and it will be added using a DVD entry form.2. An existing DVD's details change: This will be amended using the data entry form.3. Existing DVD is returned to supplier or sold: these DVDs are selected by using a query which picks out DVDs that haven't been rented out over ...

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