Installing and Upgrading Software

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Installing and Upgrading Software

When do you upgrade:

There are a number of reasons for upgrading software, generally the main reason is that the software has been improved or security problems have been addressed, or it offers new functionality.

 You may also install or update software when a new piece of hardware is installed in order to make it compatible. Other reasons may include software which is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

If the software in question brings new functionality to the computer system in day to day life and makes that task easier, then you should consider updating.

You also upgrade when you need to or when you want to upgrade or when your system is not working properly, existing software fails to run correctly and when additional functionality required.  Sometimes, your pc crashes, freezes, your PC runs very slow, Having Problems Shutting down the computer and Shutting down applications and sometimes its shutdown while you are doing something or you may just get blank screen.

If you find that you need more power in your machine and then you can upgrade your components, when your computer stops doing what you need it to do, then it is time to consider upgrading or replacing the computer. 

You upgrade when your existing system is not work properly, when you need new hardware or new software for your system and sometimes it may be company policy that you upgrade systems. You upgrade to fix programming bugs and security holes.

Describe the potential prompt that initiate new or upgrade software:

When you upgrade the software it might not work because it may not be suitable for the system specification, so in that situation you will need to upgrade the system to allow that software to work.  Upgrading new software is used in computing and user electronics, generally meaning replacement of software with a newer version, in order to bring the system up to date to improve its characteristics.

When installing or upgrading you should be aware of all the different types of risks that can occur risks such as prompts.

Explain the advantage and potential disadvantage of the installation or upgrade of new software:

The advantages of the installation or upgrades of the new software are that it may allow you to install different applications and also it may add new features to your current software.

 The disadvantages is that the upgrade may not be successful or even cause problems to other software which are currently installed and also it may stop other applications from running. It also may cause problems to existing system.


  • The advantage is you get a fresh start and any bugs you encounter with the new software have nothing to do with the previous version that was present.
  • When you upgrade software, you replace older files with newer ones; this has the advantage of keeping all your previous settings and configurations.
  • Latest stable build will give you more features/ generally less bugs.


  • The disadvantage is that you may lose all your personal settings and configurations which you made on the older version of the software and those configurations now have to be made again.
  • The disadvantage is that if you encounter a bug, it could be due to the upgrade as previous files present may have a conflict with newer versions or the settings for the previous version may not work well with the newer version.
  • If you don't know what you are doing you may install something that will de-stabilise your computer.
  • You may lose your old settings/preferences, and in worst case scenarios lose old files, new software may not play nice with other settings / programs.
  • The disadvantage is that when you uninstall it some of the files may not be removed. This means that the computer will have less free space and also be slightly slowed down.

What are the potential risks of installing or upgrading software?

The potential risks of installing or upgrading new software is that it can cause problems to other software’s, the installation or upgrading may not be successful and it may cause the problem to the existing system.

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There is always a risk that something will go wrong when you install or update a new software. You may lose all your data if you do not back up your programs or data. Backup everything you don’t want to risk losing before installation. You should make back up all your system with a disk image before installing new software.

If you download the software from the internet, then your system might get virus. So, before you install the software, make sure you check the file. There is not much risk of getting a virus, worm or Trojan.

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