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Installing and Upgrading Software

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Plan for Installing and upgrading software Equipments required: * Monitor * Desktop * CD Drive * CD * Keyboard * Mouse * Main power * Check timing of activities with user * Double check cabling, system specification and * software requirements, password(s) required Before installing the software, I will make sure first if i have go the enough memory. Plan: I am going to check if it has the old version of Microsoft word because it may cause problems while installing the new version, and if it does hold the old version then I will need to uninstall it before installing the new version. Then, I will insert the Microsoft disk into the CD Drive and wait till it loads up but sometimes it may not load up automatically so I will need to run the CD manually. ...read more.


The tool ribbon needs to be minimised and to do that I will right click on the toolbar, then click on "Minimize the Ribbon". The clients has requested to customize some commands on the toolbar menu, which are * Bold * Left Align * Centre Align * Borders * Font colour * Fill colour * Spell check and grammar * Date picker To customize all these all these command, I will go to the File and Word Options, then a dialog box will appear with lots of settings and options, I will click on the option "Customize" this will allow me to add the commands. In that option, I will click on "All command" and then I will select the required commands from the list and click on Add button and then click Ok. ...read more.


Once I'll do this then I will click on Update now and this will update the latest version of AVG. Update CCleaner: To update that, I will click on Checks for update. Record of all activities Activities Yes No Did I install Microsoft Word Does Microsoft Word work properly, did I test it Did I install PowerPoint Does Microsoft PowerPoint work properly, did I test it Did I install Microsoft Excel Does Microsoft Excel work properly, did I test it Did I install the software on their main drive called MP Did I create the subfolders called Letters, Charts and Slide shows Did I include the items on the quick toolbar Did I create shortcut for the three applications on the desktop Did I Setup to run Macros and VBA Scripts ?? ?? ?? ?? Ambreen Kauser ID: 354842 Unit: 23 BTEC National ICT ...read more.

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