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Internet statement investigation of supermarkets

Extracts from this document...


ICT - Unit 3 Within this unit of the course we aim to present the results of an investigation and to create a spreadsheet to analyse numeric data and create a report on the sources and methods used to find information. To find the information to prove the statement we are going to use a selection of search engines to see weather they give the same results or if they differ. When finding the information we can use both well known search engines such as Google as well as not as popular search engines such as msn. The statement I am going to research is as follows; "Designer clothing and accessories are more specifically targeted to the female market where men have a limited selection" When doing my investigation I am going to take into consideration many ideas that support or contradict receiving the right answer. The things I am going to consider include: * What sort of accessories are available to both men and women * What type of designer or high street brand clothing is involved * The collections involved in high street brands * The collections involved in top designer brands In order to carry out my investigation I need to use a selection of search engines that will give me the correct data. Figure 1 shows websites that are known for giving good results and I have listed them in order of popularity. Figure 1 www.google.co.uk www.yahoo.com Figure 1 www.ask.co.uk www.msn.com In order to carry out my investigation I am going to search the internet for a idea of websites and results that show ideas of how I can navigate through the world wide web however whilst browsing I have come across a problem that will effect my results and accessibility. With 3/5 people in every household owning a compute, retail sales online have been record high and recently the Christmas of 2007. ...read more.


It worked better in practice than it did in theory" The second page displayed a letter to the editor about how a journalist portrayed someone's argument in a completely different context. The third result showed me a report on public attitudes towards British scientists. As well as my other results I have been shown no links with supermarkets or shares. The results show that a fully built up search engine doesn't always give the correct results. I am now going to carry on with 3 more newspaper websites and state whether they give me worthy results . I will open the first 3 results from the website and highlight: Unsuccessful Successful I am now going to try the BBC news website which is also known for adapting articles from the newspapers above. The BBC news website is one of the most popular news websites in the United Kingdom with 4million monthly readers. It was first launched in 1997 to provide exhaustive international news coverage as well as entertainment, business, sport, science and political news. Having all this information will beneficial as having information on a wider subjects will broaden my result information. The first result from the BBC search has given me the supermarket share with the top 7 leading percentages. The results are valuable as they are given in percentages so there is plenty of clarity. Although I have gained the results I needed, I am going to carry another search so that I have knowledge if this website will help me research in the future. I am also going to practise another search technique which can also help my future searches. When searching for specific subjects that include and, or, no and near. Boolean search will allow you to search for them as well as linking them to the criteria. I can also relate it to the features of syntax and how the + signs are equal. ...read more.


This looks appealing as it softens the look from being plain white with blue text. Whilst typing in the search box it also suggests recent topics that have been searched following what you have just written, similarly to yahoo it brings more depth to what the search engine has to offer. Unfortunately the results page was badly constructed and the results were poor. The sponsored results straight at the top were highlighted in pale colour which was hard to separate from the actual results and even they had little content with the search. The titles were complex which therefore made it off putting and the results were poorly structured around the page making it confusing. The msn webpage followed a similar format to the yahoo page with icons and images all for entertainment purposes. Although msn's mailing service is hugely popular the page did focus on web search as clicking the search icon would take you to a different page (same as the yahoo website). This once again showed good attitudes about how it is appealing to be a sophisticated search engine. One disadvantage had to be that it only included a white background with a search box and icon. There were no categories for the web, images and news which could save time and hassle for the user. The categories which could have been on the search page are revealed on the results page which therefore makes the user have to do a second search. The results themselves are useful yet the sponsored links are situated right at the top in a highlighted grey box. Although it captures the attention of the user, it is usually unwanted web pages that don't have any relevance. The results are all relevant and the titles fit well with the search statement. Also searching tips syntax and Boolean are also usable on this search engine. I have listed my personal order of popularity with the search engines since I have completed my investigation on the web. www.google.com www.msn.com www.yahoo.com www.ask.com ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 45 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Information Systems and Communication section.

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