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I will be looking at different search engines in order to find the information that I am looking for. The information that I am going to be researching is house price data. I’m going to compare 3 search engines to see which one is most appropriate in what I’m looking for.

Text based search engine:

For this section I’m going to use Google as the text based search engine. In my personal experience many people use Google as their primary search engine. I’m going to search house price data in Google's search bar and see what results I get back from it. The index returned 125,000,000 hits relating to my topic.

Directory search engine:

For the directory search, I will be using the live search to see what results I get from the topic that I am researching. The results from the search came back with 67,200,000 hits relating to my topic.

Meta search engine:

For this section I’m going to use ask.com search engine. Ask.com is a little different from the other two search engines because it allows you to actually type a question in e.g. ‘how do you build a website’ this will return a list of reference related to building a website which I feel is good. I’m going to research the same topic as I did in the other two search engines and see what results I get. The result from this search engine is that I received 4,477,000 hits relating to house price data.

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Comparing my results

 As you can see from the three different searches I did with different search engines, all of them came back with different results. Google had the most results relating to the house price data. So the most appropriate search engine for me is the text base search which is Google.

Using logical operators (AND, OR, NOT)

Logical operators are AND, OR and NOT. These are used to add precision to searches that people make when using a search engine. Using the AND operator narrows down the search. When you add more words to it the narrower ...

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