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AS and A Level: Management & Manipulation of Information

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  1. Ms Matthews is the librarian for Brampton Manor School and she needs a system to get new books into circulation and read by the pupils and out of storage.

    could become damaged or lost List and card system - List and cards may become burnt, lost or stolen, it is also hard to keep a card system secure. User requirements Ms Matthews needs her solution to be easy to use, easy to navigate etc. She also needs to be able to enter new data, new records, information on new books, who has brought back their book and what books are being borrowed and notification if they have not been returned by a certain date.

    • Word count: 2671
  2. Design a computer system for a video hire shop.

    The aim of this project is to create a database for a company or an organization; I have chosen Vinnie's videos. My database will include customer information to make organization and customer relations simpler; the new system will be more practical. An electronic database will make life easier as it will be superior to a card filling system and will save time and money. A computer system is better than the old card filing method for many reasons. Example, searches can be carried out instantly rather than many manual records being waded through, customer information for a hundred people can be copied almost instantly to a standard letter.

    • Word count: 2089
  3. Creating a computer based system for a video rental store.

    Because of this you may miss and lose some of your movies or games and by doing this you may lose money because of this. When movies are rented from the shop the maximum loan period is two days so for a worker to see who is still overdue is very difficult because they have to go through the book. Whereas when on a database by simply entering a query you can find out and it is less time consuming.

    • Word count: 1990
  4. The Effect of ICT on Business: Manufacturing

    Different types of Software: Computer Aided Design or CAD, is used to produce drawings usually with dimensions. The drawing can be a building, floor plan, entire assembly of a product to be manufactured, or a detailed drawing of a single part to be used by the machinist for manufacturing. Computer Aided Manufacturing or CAM, is the use of computer systems to plan, manage and control the operations of a manufacturing process though the companies production resources. CAM systems use CAD drawings; the user only needs to specify materials and tool paths from an existing data base and the CAM system will create a specific NC program to control the CNC machine tool that produces the designed part.

    • Word count: 1226
  5. Discuss Data Base Management Systems.

    The terms relational, network, flat, and hierarchical all refer to the way a DBMS organizes information internally. The internal organization can affect how quickly and flexibly you can extract information. Requests for information from a database are made in the form of a query, which is a stylized question. For example, the query : SELECT ALL WHERE NAME = "SMITH" AND AGE > 35 requests all records in which the NAME field is SMITH and the AGE field is greater than 35. The set of rules for constructing queries is known as a query language. Different DBMSs support different query languages, although there is a semi-standardized query language called SQL (structured query language).

    • Word count: 1145
  6. Core Capabilities.

    Therefore some authors suggest that effective competition is based less on strategic leaps than on incremental innovation that exploits carefully developed capabilities (Hayes, 1985; Quinn, 1980). On the other hand, institutionalized capabilities may lead to 'incumbent inertia' (Lieberman and Montgomery, 1988) in the faced of environmental changes. Technological discontinuities can enhance or destroy existing competencies within an industry (Tushman and Anderson, 1986). Such shifts in the external environment resonate within the organization, so that even 'seemingly minor' innovations can undermine the usefulness of deeply embedded knowledge (Henderson and requires some degree of 'creative destruction' (Schumpeter, 1942).

    • Word count: 8364
  7. How ICT Affects a Person With Special Needs

    * Speech recognition systems, also called voice recognition programs, allow people to give commands and enter data using their voices rather than a mouse or keyboard. * Speech synthesizers (often referred to as text-to-speech (TTS) systems) receive information going to the screen in the form of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks, and then "speak" it out loud. Using speech synthesizers allows blind users to review their input as they type. * Refreshable Braille displays provide tactile output of information represented on the computer screen.

    • Word count: 1130
  8. Assess ways in which information technology can enable visually impaired students to access their studies and employment.

    The focus then shifts to technology and what ways information technology (hardware and software) can aid the life of a visually impaired student. Some examples of enabling software are presented and discussed; what the software can achieve and also its limitations. Finally the essay concludes with a look into the future and what it may hold for the visually impaired. The term visually impaired encompasses a wide variety of sight problems. Many people on hearing the term think blandly of blindness, but this is not always the case.

    • Word count: 2313
  9. Critically assess the personal attributes you would expect to find in a successful project manager. Go on then to evaluate the effectiveness of the systems approach in building up a full picture of a project.

    Indeed, 'those around them' is a key point here. The project manager must have the necessary acumen to be able to choose a team that has the relevant skills and experience to perform efficiently, and should be able to create a rewarding and exciting working environment in which they do this. A project manager not only works with his own team however, but also with subcontractors, vendors, suppliers and crucially, upper management. The involvement of upper management is vital to any project, as a lack of it can lead to project momentum stalling, and a perceived lack of it, from the project team, can lead to apathy and the fading of moral (Cash & Fox 1992, p 11).

    • Word count: 2296
  10. What the term Enterprise Resource Planning means and to whom.

    Studies show that 70% of Fortune 1000 firms have or will soon install ERP systems, which will boost the global ERP market from $15 billion now to $50 billion over the next five years. ERP applications make up the largest portion of Information Technology budgets. 39% of large companies and 60% of smaller companies are deploying ERP systems. The expected annual growth rate for the ERP market over the next 5 years is 37%. With the power ERP has over business, it is important to see who the key vendors of ERP software are.

    • Word count: 3793
  11. System Specification For Warrington Borough Council.

    The personal computer would therefore have to be compact so it can fit within the space supplied. The office has a suitable desk space for a computer which would have space for a monitor, keyboard and mouse, with a printer situated on a near by shelf. The data will have to be backed up every night to the server, so no data will be lost. The money advice worker would like to take monthly copies of the data. The advice worker would also like access to the Internet so that he can order equipment from a local supplier via the Internet.

    • Word count: 819
  12. I will be making a system for a disc jockey that runs a radio station called TJ beatz, in a body building gym.

    He then told me that the system would need to hold at least 350 tracks and a wide range of artists, styles of music, and the artists' information. I will put a sample on the system to make sure it works and that the DJ is happy with how to use the system, but he must put his own music on the system to fulfil the maximum number of tracks and types of music he may want. The DJ will also like to have an easy way of switching between the systems used.

    • Word count: 3014
  13. Design an application which will give "Ken's Newsagent" a more efficient and reliable way to run his newspaper deliveries.

    "Ken's Newsagent" works on a monthly invoice system, sent out with the deliveries on the 20th of each month. The invoice details the newspapers, magazines and delivery charge for the previous month up to the 18th of the month. The delivery charge is �1 per week but if a customer uses the delivery system for more than 10 deliveries in a week than a discount of 10% is subtracted from the delivery charge for the month. Design an application which will give "Ken's Newsagent" a more efficient and reliable way to run his newspaper deliveries. The GUI has to be simple to use, remember that the manager or any other employee may not be computer literate.

    • Word count: 1564
  14. In the perspective of our country, Medical appointment/treatment (which is a part of the whole Medical system) is very much old-fashioned and backdated.

    to improve this current hazardous situation. This software will improve the skill and performance of the people (working in a hospital), that will save a lot of time of patients and the institute itself. It will help to manage the works more efficiently and in an easier manner. The service will be much more high class comparing to the current situation due to usage of latest technology. SOFTWARE MODELS At first, we have chosen three software process models (for convenience) from which one of them will be chosen to implement the software.

    • Word count: 676
  15. Industrial Clusters & the Software Industry in Ireland.

    However, the paradox of economic geography during an era of global competition is that changes in technology and competition have diminished many of the traditional roles of location. Yet, Porter finds, clusters, or geographic concentrations of inter-connected companies, are a striking feature of virtually every national, regional, state and even metropolitan economy. The prevalence of clusters reveals important insights about the microeconomics of competition and the role of location in competitive advantage. Even as old reasons for clustering have diminished in importance with globalization, new influences of clusters on competition have taken on growing importance in an increasingly complex, knowledge-based, and dynamic economy.

    • Word count: 2529
  16. The company that I have been studying in this Task is ECsoft (European Community Soft).

    Also it attracts other companies because it improves their company image. A few years ago ECsoft sold some of their services to Pink Roccade. Pink Roccade is a Dutch company. Pink Roccade has been around for over 50 years and has provided ICT services in information intensive sectors. They have a range of customers, which are bankers and insurers, central and local government, social security, health care, the food sector and manufacturing. Pink Roccade is one of the leading players in the outsourcing market in the Netherlands and is on the way to becoming a well-known competitor in Great Britain.

    • Word count: 8607
  17. I have been asked by a General Sports shop using a manual system to design a database.

    A database is a collection of records, which holds a collection of information about a person or an object. Databases are not just on computers; they can be on paper and other things as well. It is safer on a computer and faster to search or sort on it though. It is safer because it is not as likely to get damaged as a piece of paper might. It is also harder to steal than a piece of paper on a desk, because you can password protect it.

    • Word count: 2494
  18. Object-Oriented DBMSs - Standards

    However, aside from the advantages that object methodologies offer to database technology, there are also some drawbacks, and unlike relational database development, there has been, and still is, a clear lack of formal standards regarding the development of object-oriented databases. 2.0 The Beginnings of OO Object-oriented research began back in the 1970's as part of a project at Xerox Palo Alto Research Park (PARC) called Simula. This, along with other recognised concepts evolved into Smalltalk, the first true Object programming language and operating system.

    • Word count: 4226
  19. The Development of Object-Oriented Database Systems.

    These limitations included the following: * Lack of support for new/user-defined types - e.g., there is no SQL type for jpeg images. * Lack of support for composite data vales - e.g., can't store a relation as an attribute value. * Difficulties in modelling real life complex systems and events, and the relationships between them. The relational model is simplistic in that it views data as tables of rows columns. However, these tables can really only store basic data types such as integers, decimals, characters, strings, etc.

    • Word count: 3117
  20. Implementation of an IT system.

    I selected the cell A5 and chose the fill colour orange, by going to the fill colour and choosing orange: And then I went to font colour and selected white due to the fact that it matches the company's original colour. After that I started to create some of my macros that were going to link me to specific pages such as "car details". I have decided to use macro and button due to the fact that there is less chance of there being a human error done by my end user, rather than if it was done in other

    • Word count: 4866
  21. System Configuration.

    WORD: Design and configure a customised toolbar: Before: After: Task 2 Below is the letterhead for Mrs Jones business. This letterhead has details about the address, telephone/fax, email and a website to suit her request. Jones Corporations 278 - 280 Belfize Rd Kilburn Park United States SE15 2LJ Tel: 0208 208 3603 Fax: 0208 208 6303 Email: [email protected] Website: www.jonescorporations.com Task 3 Explain how you found the logo. I found the logo in Microsoft Word. These are the steps that I had taken to get the logo: 1.

    • Word count: 1365
  22. Standard Operating Procedures (Sop) recruitment policies and procedures.

    Defines the three types of job announcements (Departmental, Government-wide, and Open). It is important to understand the purpose of each job announcement type and to process accordingly (consult DOPM should a question arise, especially on re-announcements). III. ACCEPTANCE OF JOB APPLICATIONS: 1) Upon receipt of applications, applications will be properly screened to determine if application is properly filled out and that position is currently announced. Job applications are accepted only during the filing period specified in the examination announcement. � Process of Applications: m stamp as received; m prepare acknowledgment of receipt for the applicant; m log in applications by last name and file immediately in the proper position folder (consult with DOPM on filing and record keeping procedures).

    • Word count: 3449
  23. A dating agency situated at: 105 Bond street London WC1 - Creating an IT system.

    Staffs are over worked and are forced to do overtime, this in effect imposes extra costs on the Company. Reasons for using ICT: Most of the time the amount of information stored in the card files takes a very long time to search through. Holding the information on a database would enable the administrators to search for information very quickly and easily. 1. With the current system it takes the administrators a long time to match up the clients. But with a computerised database it will enable data to be retrieved very quickly and the Love math to be more efficient.

    • Word count: 1278
  24. An evaluation of search processes in Artificial Intelligencec

    We can conceive of the problem as a maze of states and of the operators as paths for moving among the states. In this concept, the solution to a problem is achieved through search, that is, the problem solver must find an appropriate path through a maze of states. This conception of problem solving as a search through a state space was developed by Allen Newell and Herbert Simon of Carnegie Mellon University and has become the dominant analysis of problem solving.2 In many real problems, this idea of the state space would not really apply, as it would be inconceivably huge, but the metaphor in thinking about the aim of search and how it operates is useful.

    • Word count: 2567
  25. An analytical report to discuss the HEG Infoway project, its implementation and the reasons for its failure.

    Finally, the report will make appropriate conclusions and recommendations for the making and implementation of successful software projects. 2.0 About HEG Set up in 1977, HEG is a diversified company with interests in graphite electrodes, textiles, sponge iron & hydropower. From a modest investment made in 1977, today the company is reporting a turnover of Rs. 5720 million (120 million US$). HEG Ltd., a premier company of the LNJ Bhilwara Group is Asia's leading graphite electrodes manufacturer. HEG is an ISO 9002 company.

    • Word count: 5277

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