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AS and A Level: Management & Manipulation of Information

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  1. Video World Database as ICT project.

    videos rented * Enable a showing of which videos are rented by which customers * Show when the video is due back * Be able to add/delete members, videos and staff Investigation Methods An interview was arranged with Mr Lane and a list of points to be discussed was drawn up before the interview. Also I contacted Gary Lane by telephone and e-mail to pick up certain points. Topics for discussion: * The reasons for requiring the new information system * The problems with the current manual system * The methods currently used to record data * The information that

    • Word count: 6445
  2. I have been asked by my company (Standard engineering components LTD) to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing some computer aided design software

    Autodesk's accelerated release cycles have already been noted in the Inventor mechanical product, which is now in its fifth release since 1999; it looks like AutoCAD is also in for more frequent releases, with the last two coming almost annually. Along with AutoCAD 2002, 20 June also saw the release of CAD Overlay 2002, Architectural Desktop 3.3, AutoCAD Mechanical 6, Mechanical Desktop 6, Land Desktop 6, and Map 5 (all built on AutoCAD 2002), as well as AutoCAD LT 2002.

    • Word count: 3558
  3. Formula 1 Autocentre will require a computer based system to solve the problem within the organisation.

    However it will be very difficult to create a way to input data or design a data entry form. The third possible solution I considered was to create custom written software (bespoke system), which can be customised to the requirements of Formula 1 Autocentre. This will be specifically designed for car repairs; hence this will have a smaller hard disk footprint. The software will have specialised backup for any technical help and a full user manual. I have spoke to Mr Parker of having Custom written software and he had told me that he is aware of this kind of software for car repairs but he believes that the systems are created for larger garages and is very costly.

    • Word count: 1195
  4. Categories of software.

    Systems and Application Software Software can be separated into two different types of software, Systems software and Applications software. Systems software is a special type of software that helps the computer function or enable the computer and user of the computer interact. It does not necessarily need to used by and end-user, they mostly run 'in the background' without the user knowing, these include anti-virus software and communications software. Application software (sometimes called end-user programs), these run on top of the systems software, they are designed to be used by an end- user, and these include such things as games, word processing software and web browsers.

    • Word count: 1192
  5. The Lethal and Hidden Facts about Games.

    Also, the systems that support these types of games are very expensive and costly. Not all families can afford these state-of-the-art entertainment systems and that is considered good, because you won't get addicted to it. Getting addicted to these entertainment systems can be very severe. As a result, one of the things that can happen is that people can purposely avoid necessary and important tasks. However, I'm not saying that we should totally ignore entertainment.

    • Word count: 533
  6. The application to be researched is a small company called RS EQUIPMENT. The company has been trading for 25 years and specialises in medical equipment and supplies which range from latex gloves to X-ray machines.

    The organisation doesn't advertise itself since the majority of business is gained through word of mouth. Extra services are also provided such as, on special request (and if feasible), the company will supply products which are hard to come by or need to be custom made, and will also arrange specialised delivery services such as to charter a plane specially for a certain cargo. The company also offers installations and maintenance of certain products such as control software or control hardware which is used for larger machines, for example, a Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine (MRI).

    • Word count: 4366
  7. Beanie Project.

    Then the data input is explained with reference to software needs relating to what the company require. This is repeated for the queries, forms, and macros with diagrams and how-to information also included. Finally, a dataflow diagram is presented showing how the software and company use the data, which could possibly be used as mild form of a data map. Design: Inputs Week Table Design 4 Query Structure/Design 5 Forms Design 5 Macros Structure/Design 5 Reports Design 6 Test Planning/Results 6 The design section of this document is probably the largest section, showing all parts of the data implementation.

    • Word count: 10867
  8. Software And Hardware.

    problem within the program or data and not with the computer itself and then you can also say 'that it is a software problem.' You can divide software into two groups: System Software This includes the operating systems and all the utilities that allow the computer to work. Applications Software This includes programmes that do real work for users, all these fall under the same category-word processors, spreadsheets and database management systems. The application software is unable to run without the operating systems and system utilities.

    • Word count: 1330
  9. Use of a database to record information on Mercedes-Benz S-Classes bought from a Mercedes-Benz showroom.

    Where will I get my data? I will use the Mercedes-Benz British website, http://www.mercedes-benz.co.uk/ I will also use car magazines if the information needed is not on the Internet. Data processing required? I will use Microsoft Access for presenting my data and store data and Microsoft Word to write reports about data I have found. I will use a parameter query, which will find cars by name and regisration. I will use a complex query to check up on people whose credit cards have expired.

    • Word count: 1158
  10. Database project - To facilitate the marketing of cars & to improve customer care.

    All this makes the customer feel that they are receiving a much more personal service and the improved relationship makes it more likely that they will stay with this dealer and increases the job satisfaction of the salesperson. The customer table is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1: The Customer Table After this database is fully completed it should allow users to find out about the car details and their manufacturers. I used the Internet to collect information that I needed.

    • Word count: 792
  11. Creating a new system for 'The mix n match dating agency'.

    Quantitative Objectives * The object and the user requirement for this project is they need to create: 1) One system where information can be stored and everyone in the office can access. 2) The system has to be linked, so that everyone has the same information. 3) The database must have a simple menu of options to choose from. 4) Customer's names must be listed in alphabetical order. 5) The system must be able to produce printouts of the individual customers.

    • Word count: 1832
  12. Proudlie's Xtreme Sports Club.

    For the bungee jumping and snow boarding classes you will be required to go to New Zealand and sky diving will be done in Hong Kong. The club offers highly trained professionals for each sport and they will be your instructors for the classes and programmes. Location and address: PXtreme is located at 55 Fat Kwong Street, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Fat Kwong Street runs parallel to Nathan Road, intersecting with Jordan Road at the North and Austin Road at the South.

    • Word count: 2191
  13. Biometrics: Analysis and Implications.

    However, Biometrics have somewhat complex, but simple qualities. Criterion B: IT Background of the Issue As previously mentioned, applications for Biometrics are many. One of them is iris scanning. Extensive research and experience demonstrated that the iris was the other (apart from the fingerprint) unique trait that each human differed from each other, including one's other eye. First, a picture is taken using available CCD camera technology and locating the presence of and iris within the video image. Concentric circles are then created to distinguish zones of analysis.

    • Word count: 903
  14. Afan Valley Adventure Park is a brand new adventure park opening soon in Afan Valley South Wales.

    Afan Valley is also home to one of the biggest wooden roller coasters on Britain! It's loops and hoops will make you dizzy with excitement just looking at it! But Afan Valley does not just cater for the thrill seekers of the family, under 5's can enjoy the gentler pace of our tree tops kiddies roller coaster or our Teletubbies flying aeroplanes. After all the excitement of the rides you can relax in one of our many bar/restaurants while the kids play safely in one of our supervised cr�ches.

    • Word count: 341
  15. ICT Solutions for people with Special Needs.

    It is not a disease and cannot be passed from one child to another. It is believed that dyslexia is a condition, which is most often, passes down from parent to child. Everybody's brain is unique, but research has shown that the brains of people with dyslexia seem to use different pathways to organise information. The severity of symptoms will vary from person to person. The difficulties caused by dyslexia can cause great anxiety and upset. Dyslexia is not something you grow out of, but there are techniques, which can be learnt to help cope with the problems.

    • Word count: 11857
  16. I am going to create a database for a local computer club that I attend.

    3.0 The data I need to collect For my database I will need the following information: First and last names of members Address including postcode Home and mobile numbers Emergency contact and their number Their class details Their doctor's name 4.0 The tables I will create I will create three tables: a member's details table, a doctor's details table and a Class details table. The member's table will contains all personal information about the member. The Doctors table contains all the details about the member's doctors and the class table contains what classes are and who teaches them as well as the time of the lesson.

    • Word count: 617
  17. Design for Database - software

    also does repetitive sums excel is also excellent for producing graphs and charts form a set of data. It will be a good software to use. * Microsoft access-this package Is suitable for my tasks because it contains all the important information which really need, I could use it to produce a insert by using reports. It also automatically does my invitation inserts. Access is also secure it is hard to lose documents. For my task I have chosen Microsoft word because it is suitable software which can produce inserts and address labels, it also has the fastest method (mail merge)

    • Word count: 635
  18. People and IT

    According to research done by Henley Business School in 1997, there are already 4 million Teleworkers in the UK. Recently, the relative demand for skilled labour has increased dramatically. We investigate one of the causes, skill-based technical change. Advances in the Information Technology (IT) are among the most powerful forces bearing on the economy. Employers who use IT often make complementary innovations in their organisations and in the services they offer. Our hypothesis is that these Co-inventions by IT users change the mix of skills that employers demand. Specially, we test the hypothesis that it is a cluster of complementary changes involving IT, workplace organisation and services that is they skilled-based technical change.

    • Word count: 1961
  19. Health and Safety at work act.

    Some people are uncomfortable to use these systems. Many features have been considered such as: * Design of chair * Height of desk * Position of screen in relation to the window or other light source. Office furniture The two important elements of the computerised work stations which are the chairs and the desks. An old desk, which was not designed for computers or other equipment, is likely not to be suitable. The desk should have space for a pen and paper as well as the computer and other equipment.

    • Word count: 708
  20. Who is responsible when software 'bugs' result in disaster?

    However, effects of software bugs are often of larger scale such as economic, political, cultural, environmental, legal, historical and medical. According to www.softwareconspiracy.com; The U.S recently lost $130 million on the Mars Climate orbiter because some of the program worked in metric units and some in imperial. When such large operations use software, there can be bugs in it and the effects of this can be worse than economical. Currently expert systems are being used, but they will undoubtedly have bugs, which can cause many serious problems.

    • Word count: 1360
  21. I have decided to base my project on the bed and Breakfast restaurant owned by family friends in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    To do this I will need to design two different logos for them to choose from. Output requirements: I have to finally produce at least one effective logo, which identifies the Bed and Breakfast restaurant. This logo must be replicable and bold so that it stands out and can be used in advertising at a later date. Performance criteria: I will judge my final product against the following questions: * Does task one fit onto one side of A4 paper? * Can the logo be enlarged or reduced without losing the quality? * Can the logo be used in an advertising campaign? * Are all the pieces of information on the logo accurate and correctly spelt?

    • Word count: 1351
  22. Database - Magazine Subscribers

    I could use Microsoft Excel but this doesn't have all the features that Works and Access have such as its own word document creator as in Microsoft works and is not as easy to use as works and access are to use when making a database. The only quick and simple solution would be to use a Database programme like Microsoft Works because this is the only one the school has and most of my work will be done there.

    • Word count: 704
  23. The problem that I have chosen to pursue is the Mail-order Company that sells 6 different products. A computerised system has to be designed to record orders, create invoices and letters for overdue payments.

    MailSport is a company that distributes sports products of famous brands to customers, through mail. The company is unsatisfied with its current system, as it is manual and records are kept on pieces of paper. The Mail-order Company distributes mainly T-shirts of 6 different brands (Nike, Fila, ellesse, Adidas and Umbro). These T-shirts are unique and exclusive to 'MailSport' meaning there is a high potential amount of customers and demand. The problem that I have to pursue is to design a computer system with the following features: * A catalogue page of the items available * An invoice that will be sent to the customers, notifying them of the money they owe/have paid.

    • Word count: 4965
  24. William Smith is the owner of a small corner shop in Wakefield. He has little experience with computers - He can use Microsoft Word to type up an article, and he can play games as well.

    He also needs to know the address and phone numbers of the restaurants, and the type of restaurant that it is (e.g. A Chinese, a Pub, a Fast Food House). Finally, he needs to know if he still has time to reserve a place at the restaurant, so he will need to know how many hours in advance he has to book when he inputs the restaurant details. The type of food and the type of restaurant are important factors when it comes to deciding which friend he wants to take, and the address and phone number are important for making reservations, and getting there.

    • Word count: 2053
  25. What the business does and how it works to just give the examiner a rough idea. I will then have to design and produce a database for the business to use in their day to day work

    Philip Dadds Architect and Associates Chartered Architects & Interior Designers PHILIP DADDS BA. Arch, Dip. Arch(Hons)(Thames) RIBA 25 Harbour Street, Ramsgate Kent CT11 8HA Tel. 01843 585588 Fax. 01843 585588 Email. [email protected] This company is owned by my stepfather, Philip Dadds and is a company that designs the structures of buildings or the interior design. They are a company that can design a building from scratch or can simply change a feature of an existing one e.g. convert an attic, or add a conservatory.

    • Word count: 3081

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