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AS and A Level: Management & Manipulation of Information

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  1. Documentation for the systems Administrator

    2. To access the Disk you must go to Start/My Computer/3 1/2 Floppy (A:) Then after that is done, you should go to the Directory in which you want the database to be stored and right click, then left click on paste. The Database will then be copied from the Disk to the directory that you wish it to be stored. Installation complete, now to access the Database simply double click on the icon where you installed the Database to access it. The Running of the System Once the system is accessed, a password is needed to run it, (password displayed on back of user documentation), after the password is entered the switchboard of

    • Word count: 1037
  2. Hardware and Software

    Windows two thousand is needed to run Access and word. Software Data-Power Data power has many basic features of a database software package. These include limited design functions. These design functions allow you to design different databases in a range of colours and layouts. It also contains some limited search or query functions. These include the ability to perform pre set searches on you database. However this is in contrast to the most up to date software which allows the user to develop there own search functions. This brings me to my first disadvantage with Data Power.

    • Word count: 636
  3. The Great Linux-vs-NT Debate

    Being software for and by users, there's no marketing-hype, smoke, or mirrors to mislead user-expectations, MIS or management. When a feature is missing in Linux, it's discussed among the users and programmers and not marketing. The decision is made based on the true usefulness of the feature and not how marketing can sell it. Linux is free. You are free to copy it all you want. You are free to change it all you want. Microsoft wants completely control over your software even to the point of deciding without a court if you have violated their license agreement and thus disabling your software remotely.

    • Word count: 976
  4. 20 years of the P. C. : Has software been held back by hardware limitations, or have hardware developments been held back by shortcomings in software??”

    The software built for this was extremely basic, using DOS version 1.0, but only as an option. The software was not the main selling point of the PC. It was marketed for its hardware, i.e. this was a revolutionary machine that could save large quantities of data files on to discs no bigger than a hand, from which it could be edited and re-saved, a major advantage on the manual way of work. Software was created to enable the hardware to work correctly. It was not until later that it was the hardware that was constructed for the software requirements.

    • Word count: 1267
  5. Edgwarebury Surgery’s I.T. System

    This is a lengthy, tedious operation that will be cut down in my new, improved system which will use a database software package and a modern PC. With a computer system, names, dates, addresses and medical information can be stored on the hard-drive of a PC, loaded up when needed and viewed in a clear form on a database program, such as Microsoft Works or Superbase.

    • Word count: 400
  6. Punk Rock Music Club Business Coursework

    Blockbuster movie rentals. Up to 5 items can be borrowed at a time. First, you have to be a member. Each member has his/hers own private movie rental card with his/hers own personal club member code. The problem The club has been recently using Microsoft Excel to create databases. Excel is an effective database package but it lacks flexibility. The information can be viewed but not very easily. The Excel package is unreliable. I intend to solve this problem by creating databases using Microsoft Access. By using Access I can: * Create forms that make it easier to enter information.

    • Word count: 929
  7. Database for a Clothes Store

    Out of these two ideas I will look at arranging a top ordering service database. I have chosen this because there are many variables to choose from * Sizes of tops * Colour of tops * Materials used in tops to determine the quality of top * Price of tops * Style of tops I have also chosen this because I find interesting and I have already got a lot of research about tops.

    • Word count: 237
  8. Video World Data System

    list of all the videos rented * Enable a showing of which videos are rented by which customers * Show when the video is due back * Be able to add/delete members, videos and staff Investigation Methods An interview was arranged with Mr Lane and a list of points to be discussed was drawn up before the interview. Also I contacted Gary Lane by telephone and e-mail to pick up certain points. Topics for discussion: * The reasons for requiring the new information system * The problems with the current manual system * The methods currently used to record data

    • Word count: 6450
  9. The Use of Database Management Systems in Libraries

    In larger libraries, the librarian may have the aid of technicians--perhaps to aid in the choice of equipment, perhaps to help with setting up the software and hardware. In some libraries, the technical staff may chose which information systems are to be installed, the hardware to be used, and may even teach classes in information retrieval. In such a setting there is the chance that the librarian's views on technology may be overlooked or devalued.

    • Word count: 504
  10. Improving the Systems behind Arrowhead Printers Ltd.

    There are also different finishes of paper. For instance: glossed, matt and silk. The different types of paper all attribute to different costs. For example, glossed will be more expensive than matt. The matt finish is usually used when large amounts are being printed for example, leaflets. The quality of paper is therefore usually determined by these factors, but poor quality gloss can also be bought in. The higher quality the paper is then the more expensive the paper is to buy in.

    • Word count: 9327
  11. Testing an E-commerce Website

    When a business publishes an incomplete, bad quality website it may end up leading to them losing their customers as they will think that it may not be a reliable and trust worthy company. * To test the website you could ask someone you know who?s good at finding the negative and positive about a website. By making someone who has knowledge testing website will get you the right feedback about your website.

    • Word count: 573
  12. P4 & M4 - Uses Of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

    The following screenshot below is of LabSoft, where it is showing the graphs after the implementation of the data. http://www.labsoftlims.com/images/screenshots/LabSoft_LIMS_tools.png Picture 2 * SimpleManager LIMS - SampleManager is software that displays tracks and reports data by any criteria which is handled by the user. Various types of criteria requests allows to look at all the recent day data that have been entered within their specification, having a high priority and need permission for accessibility. The following screenshot below is of SampleManager, where it is showing the graphs after data implementation the as well as the place to import of the data.

    • Word count: 1186
  13. Evalution of my database

    I didn?t have any problems with this area because it wasn?t as difficult as I intended it was. My validation prevents data entry errors because I have tested each and every one of my validations and they work perfectly so there will not be any data entry errors. I have also entered input mask for some of my validations these will make sure only a certain amount of numbers are entered into my database which will help people to not enter the wrong data.

    • Word count: 1488
  14. Using the Internet to research UFOs.

    I wanted to know the "where, when and how" of the swing dancing scene in Los Angeles. The Internet became my source of information. I became part of an online community of swing dancers. I joined a forum where people gathered to post announcements and talk about nothing more than swing dancing. The Internet provided me the opportunity to get hooked into the dancing community via an online community. After the first couple of years at CSUN, upon my graduation in Deaf Studies, I obtained a personal computer with a modem and signed up for America Online. I was now able to have both e-mail and access to the Internet from the comfort of my own home.

    • Word count: 2710
  15. ITGS Mod and Open Source Essay - Counter Strike game and Gimp photo editing.

    The game contains different maps, and more available to download. Some people would say playing counter strike is more challenging than Call of Duty and Battlefield. The difference with this is that in counter strike, when you die, you die. You have to wait for the next round to play again. That is why in counter strike players tend to be a bit more careful and reflect on what happened when they die, because of course they want more play time than watching their team mates playing.

    • Word count: 1098
  16. The purpose of the management report is to explain how important communication technologies are within an organisation

    When information is being passed through an organisation through the hierarchical management structure it has to be clear or it may become messed up or corrupt without proper hardware or if they have messengers there may be too many of them passing on information. If the manager of the organisation held a meeting he could communicate with some of the high up people e.g. mangers to point the staff in the right direction. Information in the organisation can be sent by email, memos and telephone calls etc.

    • Word count: 975
  17. System Analysts and Programmers Personality Traits

    This phase may also include preparing cost-benefit analysis of the current system. Finally they are architects who plan and design new systems, recommend changes to existing systems, and participitating in implementing these changes. To begin a project, system analysts consult with the organization?s managers and users to define the goals of the system and then design a system to meet those goals. They specify the inputs that the system will access, decide how the inputs will be processed, and format the output to meet the users' needs.

    • Word count: 1671

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