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Online services

Online services can be described as the services available in the World Wide Web, where we have to be connected to the internet to benefit from them. There wouldn’t be any internet user, who has not benefited from an online service.

There are many types of online services. Some of them are: communication, real time information, education, entertainment, and download services.

1) Communication

“Communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another”. Communication via internet is a method used by most people to communicate with each other over long distances. It is the most effective method of communication.

E.g. Blogs, E-mail, Instant messaging, etc.

  1. Blogs

Web-log or most commonly known as blog is a website which is available to anybody where they can post their thoughts or comments on anything they want on to their blog page.

Blogs are presented in the chronological order, which means, in the list of contents, the latest post is displayed at the top and the oldest posts are displayed at the bottom.(The way the post are arranged could be changed using options). It includes the date and the time when the posts were published. This helps people to identify the order of the blogs.  

Other people are capable of leaving comments or links or e-mailing you after they have read your post.

The target audience of blogs are the general public, specifically who like to read posts.

Why do we write blogs?

People use it in many ways; some people use it as a diary to write their personal information whereas as others use it to write about the daily goings-on of the country and etc.

Usually we write blogs to express our feelings to the outside and also to provide other people with information. There is one other reason why people write blogs. They write blogs for their voice to be heard on the World Wide Web.

Types of blogs

V-log: This is a type of blog which contains a video in it.


Sports blogs: These types of blogs contain posts related to sports.


Photo blogs: These types of blogs contain photos in them.


There are many types of blogs available other than those that are listed above such as travel blogs, political blogs, and etc.

How to post blogs?

You have to find a blog site and register in there. 

Some blog sites are ,  etc.

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People who post blogs are able to express their feelings.

They are also able to get jobs by companies, when the companies want to write their blogs they hire people.

People can limit the people who read their blogs.

Those who read your blogs are able to give their comments, so that you can improve your blog further.

Posting of any type of digital media is possible on blogs.


Blog readers are able to give any type of comment, so if they give a bad comment, it would be bad for the writer.


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