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The internet provides a vast array of online services. The internet can provide services on a variety of different subjects whether it is concerned with communication, education, entertainment etc. This is why increasing number of people are using online services rather than the alternatives already offered. In this section I will be investigating five different online services available on the internet and try to give a comprehensive picture of their benefits but also the limitation of such services on the internet.

Services cover a wide range of information on the internet therefore I will use one service from each of the five types of services. The services that I will be investigating are listed below;

Online Shopping

Online shopping is simply when a customer buys products from the internet.

Online shopping has grown more popular with customers as people are finding shopping online more efficient and as most will be using the internet in their homes it allows them to shop in a comfortable environment.

Many companies now have online websites where you are able to buy the same products from the internet as in the actual stores in the high street.

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Here is an example of how online shopping may work:

This is an example of how online shopping works when using the Tesco website. The first thing that you must do is register and in this case giving details such as e-mail address, postcode and club card number. In most businesses the first step of online shopping would be to register however some of the register criteria do change from company to company.

Once you have registered you are able to sign into your account and proceed with the online shopping. When you have browsed through and ...

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The presentation of the report is well laid out, and the use of bullet points are used were appropriate.

The report describes how on-line shopping works, which is quite good. This is due to that the report states how a consumer would purchase a product/service using Tesco's website. This is accurate, and explains a little detail of the reasoning of this process. The report states that on-line shopping is growing year-on-year. However the report doesn't explain why this change is happing. The report could include the reasons behind this growing trend. For instance, the report may include 'One of the reason for this, is due to the convince for consumer's. As there no longer have to visit a physical store, and there can purchase a product/service from their own comfit.' On the flip side, the report does include a real example/case study. This is quite good, as this links the background research to a commercial environment.

In summary, the report gives a good description of internet shopping. In addition, the report states an very detailed list of advantages and disadvantages. However the report could explain how the growth of on-line shopping effects people within the UK. The report states how on-line shopping can be products purchased from a number of websites. However this is false. Consumer's can purchase products and services. This will needed to be corrected written the report. The advantages and disadvantages of on-line shopping is detailed and gives reason to why there are ether benefit/drawback from an website's view and a consumer view. This section if marked, would achieve high marks.