P4 & M4 - Uses Of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

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Task 1

In a scientific workplace many pieces of important data are being based around. The use of computers can now help by using specialist software called Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). A LIMS system is like an electronic filing cabinet with advanced security. It can allow data in any form to be inputted and shared with company’s customisation. Depending on the LIMS it can be accessed via a personal or company handheld drive (smartphone/tablet).

There are various types of software available for storing scientific data but the most commonly used ones in modern laboratories are the following:

* WinLIMS - is Laboratory Information Management System. WinLims creates LIMS a realistic option for even the smallest of laboratories. The following screenshot below is of WinLIMS, where it is showing the implementation of the data.


Picture 1

* Labsoft - LabSoft is well designed laboratory information management system (LIMS) that boasts built-in tools and the ability to collaborate with other digitised business systems (e.g. Order Processing, Data Historians). LabSoft is a comprehensive feature set empowers to build an integrated solution that fully exploits laboratory data yielding higher quality. The following screenshot below is of LabSoft, where it is showing the graphs after the implementation of the data.


Picture 2

* SimpleManager LIMS - SampleManager is software that displays tracks and reports data by any criteria which is handled by the user. Various types of criteria requests allows to look at all the recent day data that have been entered within their specification, having a high priority and need permission for accessibility. The following screenshot below is of SampleManager, where it is showing the graphs after data implementation the as well as the place to import of the data.
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Necessary record maintenance is good for scientific data analysis; publication, teamwork and other investigate performance. Scientific data can help to interact with members of investigate team and colleagues, rough or correct investigate plans, suggestion for proposals. When it's the time for publish or presenting an investigation, user needs to be able to find the data that support conclusions and analysis.

There are many advantages that come with setting up and using a LIMS system such as:

* The space need to store the computer based storage is a lot less ...

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