Personal Learning Plan for IT

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Kenny NguyenEJE 12Task A (P1) Name: Kenny Nguyen                        Start Date:                                                End Date:                    I choice A level Mathematics and double BTEC IT, the reason why I chose it is I like Maths and as well as it’s the most useful subject for my career; and IT will help me to understand more about my career.  I’ll going to university to study Computer Science and I hope to do “Software Engineer” as my future career. Personal Development Plan Skill No.Skills to DevelopIdentify Needsfor TasksDescription of Current Level of Skill Targets to Address Needsand Learning Activities(VAK)Progress Check 1Date:2/10/12Progress Check 2Date:16/10/12Progress Check 3Date:26/10/12Staff/StudentEvaluationof Progress1Explain the personal attributes valued by employers ( including what are specific attributes, general attributes and attitudes)I will need to research the key terms of personal attributes such as specific/general attributes and attitudes, which will help me to explain fully the personal attributes.I understand what personal attributes is but I struggling to explain fully details.I will need to develop my visual learning style by looking up on the internet for the key terms and understanding their meaning. I also need to develop my auditory learning by listen to other classmate’s presentation and use the ideas of their tackle the task to improve my work and also get help from the teacher to improve. I found out about personal attributes valued by employers. I now know why they are important.I understand what is the key term I need to use for explain the personal attributes.I can able to explain the personal attributes by using the key terms to help but sometimes I still
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struggle to find the work to explain.2General communication skill (cultural differences, voice adaptation etc)I need to understand the problems of communication skills, which will help me to understand how it is affecting the communication and the effects of it. I also need to find out the solution of the problems.I understand the problems of communication skills however I don’t understand what I need to do to improve my  communicationskillsBecause this is communication skills so I need to improve and further develop all my auditory and kinaesthetic skills. As auditory I need to listen to the native communication to pick up ...

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