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Plan an installation and an upgrade of security software.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐The small charity has accepted my proposal of upgrading their anti-virus to a fully integrated Internet security suite. They currently have five computers, all of which require the software upgrade. They have asked me to create a comprehensive plan showing the procedures I will be following when upgrading the software. First, I will plan everything ahead of the installation of the software so everything works how I want it to work. To start, I will make a defined sequence of activities to follow in order to ensure the installation is completed successfully. I will check that the system meets the requirements for the software and decide if I will install a fresh copy or install over the previous software. Also I will ensure that the installation method is suitable. For example if the files are stored on a DVD, I will need to have accesses to a DVD slot and to make sure the hardware is compatible to that format. ...read more.


End users who are the people who will be using the system. Management who will be interested in how it is going. And Software vendors because if there are any problems with the installation then I will need to contact them. Additionally I will need to have a back out procedure that will be considered if there?s any issues. Sometimes the upgrade will cause problems to the system and you may not have planned for it. For example, some of the applications are not compatible with the new software. To help recover from the situation I will need to have a clearly defined back-out procedure. I can either have the software and data backed up before I complete the installation or to uninstall the new software or upgrade. I have decided to back up all the data. ...read more.


In the preparation stage I will check that you have the correct software loading facilities so that it can work correctly. One last factor to consider is materials. When preparing for installation, it is important to ensure that i have a clear understanding of the materials and resources that you require. First I will obtain and allocate the required materials. I will check the requirments of the software to make sure that you have everything that works with the system. As well as allocating the correct materials it is also important to allocate the correct resources. This includeds manuals, installation guides and licence keyes. The guides are really useful and can help if you are unfamilar with the software. Correctly allocating the license keys is also important because I will need a valid key for each installation. This company want 5 copies ad therefore I will need to make sure I have a licence. If I follow this plan then the installation will be a success. ...read more.

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