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AS and A Level: Policy, Strategy & Systems

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  1. Download services

    Software Many software applications are now available to download, update or upgrade from the Internet. The reason of software upgrades is extended warranty service which includes feature enhancements, incremental functionality, maintenance and bug fixes of software current has. Example the antivirus software, nearly everyday they are lots of new virus is develop, so the antivirus software would not has the new virus data so it need to update (download the new data from server of antivirus company) to protect the user pc. If not, the virus will damage the data on their computer. So this service is really done a good job to protect the user's pc.

    • Word count: 2801
  2. T1, T3, and SONET Networks.

    Advantages of T1 Each T1 is equivalent to 24 separate circuits between two sites, an advantage for T1 because multiple lines and multiple-site networks are expensive and hard to manage. The end-user equipment at each site can be PBXs, videoconferencing systems, imaging systems, or host computers. T1s connecting two PBXs are called tie trunks. For some old PBXs that cannot directly receive a T1 signal, a T1 line must first be terminated at a channel bank. Analog lines are subject to noise and signal deterioration, and equipment that is used for reconstructing the analog signal cannot make them suitable for data transmission, because analog lines amplify both original signal and noise.

    • Word count: 2247
  3. ICT in Organisations.

    In the computer centre all the computers are connected to a UPS and surge protection, in the form of sockets around the centre. The surge protection will stop computer components being damaged due to a spike on the national grid, and the UPS will take over if there is a power cut. The UPS can provide power to the servers in the computer centre for a considerable amount of time. The smaller servers all have a small UPS, and these are configured to shut the server down if the power is off for any longer than 10 minutes.

    • Word count: 2093
  4. The Use of Big IP in Gamer.TV.

    TBG's are games that two or more players can play and they take turns such as Dinky Bomb. SPG's are games such as chess against a computer etc. there forums are specially designed so that people can ask questions and get responses from other users; people in the NOC (Night Observation Centre) monitor this. Private messaging is a way for two players to communicate during a game they can talk about anything although it is monitored for abuse. This also allows you to have a buddy list but you have to sign up where you get a free 30-day trial and after that you start paying.

    • Word count: 2785
  5. Network Administration

    This function model is often referred to as the FCAPS model after the initials of each of the major functions it describes. TMN function Naive description Fault Management: Fixing what is broken. Configuration Management: Controlling the operational parameters of something so it works the way you want. Accounting Management: Knowing who is using how much of what, and maybe billing them for it. Performance Management: Making sure it all works acceptably quickly. Security Management: Controlling who can do what. The idea is that just about any network management task can be said to belong to one of those management functions.

    • Word count: 2344

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