Produce a Personal Development Plan

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Unit 1 ICT - P7 Part of my personal development is to produce a plan and monitor my progress. I will produce a personal development plan that will be used to structure your training and development period. Technical Skills and Soft SkillsHow did you identify this need? E.g. previous feedback, self-assessment checklistWhy is this need a priority for you? Explain why the skill is important (e.g. the skill may support current subject choices, HE or career path)Development TasksMethods to meet these needs? Identify at least 3 different ways for each need e.g. research, internet tutorials, videos, professional advice
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etc.Success CriteriaHow will you know when you have met those needs?(e.g. improved confidence, actually being able to apply the skill)Target DateReview dates and final target date for meeting needsProgress Review / Key Learning PointsConsider the best methods to suit your preferred learning styleLog all progress.Comment on key pointsTo develop my Excel knowledge on formulas and other skills within the program such as pivot tables. I need to work on this area because when completing spreadsheets in the past, it has been difficult because I am not aware of all the formulas and skills to make it easy to create a ...

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