Selecting a laptop - The dell vostro 1520 is a thin and lightweight machine while still maintaining a sturdy build; this combined with the black glossy finish gives it a professional, sophisticated and business like look.

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Terms I considered when choosing my four laptops:

1. The ports. – I made sure that all four of the chosen laptops have more than two USB ports for devices such as a printer, mouse, external drive, USB’s and Cameras.

I also made sure that it has a number of memory card slots and Video ports so that the laptop can be connected to a bigger/TV screen.

2. CD/DVD- I have ensured that all four laptops I have chosen have a CD/DVD drive, not just this but I have made sure it is a DVD writer drive as well so that CD’s and DVD’s can be copied and burned.

3. The hard drive – I have made sure that all the chosen laptops have a large hard rive and the speed of the hard rive is fast so that the laptop runs smoothly and quickly.  

4. The memory – I have ensured that all our of the laptops have a minimum of 2GB of memory.

5. The processor – I have made sure that all the chosen laptops have a fast speed processor and that they do not perform less that 2 Gigahertz.

6. Size – I have ensured that all the chosen laptops are above 15inches in screen size because it is not so big that it is taken up a lot of space but not to small that you cannot use the laptop efficiently.

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7. The warranty – each laptop I have chosen has a one year warranty from the manufacturer I have also added on a extra 3 year warranty on each laptop in case of any accidents.

8. The brand – each laptop I have chosen is a well known brand. The Average brand of laptop is Dell, Acer and Compaq. The better brand of laptops is Sony, HP, Toshiba.

Specification and Advantages:

Processor - Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T9550 (2.66GHz, 1066MHz ...

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