Selecting Hardware For A User With Special Needs

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Kenny NgD2 Increases Budget NamePicture ImprovementPriceBase Unit:SAMSUNGSeries 7 DP700A7D 22" Touch screen All-in-one PCWith the touch screen monitor, the user can able to  control the computer with their hands which is much more easier for Damian to stroke or click on the screen as well as typing into the screen without keyboard and mouse.  With the bigger screen, it will allow Damian to see things better at high contrast level as well as meet the required. Moreover, with the touch screen feature he can able to controls the computer better while he only had one hand. It also had large RAM and memory card which will allow Damian can stay on the computer for long period of time without reset the computer to prevent from crash or slow. Because it is All-in-one PC therefore it doesn’t need monitor so it will take less space in the work station
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therefore Damian can able to organise his work station much quicker and better. It also including keyboard and mouse, it gives the user the full set of the computer that they need for the business. The mouse is two handed mouse therefore it suitable for Damian to control the computer also the computer is touch screen therefore he can be able to user the computer must better than with mouse. The keyboard and mouse is wireless connect, so it doesn’t required any wire that connect between computer and keyboard/mouse. It gives the user more space on their workstation as well ...

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