Setting up a new system (installing software and hardware)

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As you can see this is my desktop screen before I have changed any settings and made any changes to the system.

Here I clicked on the start menu and then I have selected “control panel” to enter the systems controls. Here I am able to do a number of things including:

  • Changing mouse settings
  • Creating user accounts and setting user types eg. Administrator etc.
  • Date and time settings
  • Network connections


This is the control panel.

As you can see there are a lot of things that you can set or change. All of these options allow you to alter the appearance and functions of the computer.

By selecting this “date and time” icon you are navigated to he date and dialogue.

This option will allow you to change the settings and appearance of your date and time.

This is the date and time dialogue.

As you can see there are three tabs for you to select; Date & Time; Time Zone; Internet Time.

You can set the date by clicking the desired date on the calendar. You are able to navigate through the months by clicking on the dropdown menu and selecting the month you want and the scroll menu to select the year you want.

To adjust the time you simply click on the Digital display, then click on the hours (highlighted in blue) and then use the up and down roll arrows to select the hour you want. You follow the same procedure to adjust the minutes also.

Any adjustments that you make will not come into affect until you either click the apply button or close the dialogue box using the red “X” button.


The Time Zone TAB is for use when the computer is being used in a different time zone. In England we live in the GMT (Greenwich mean time zone) and all other time zones around the world are measured in relation to the GMT, either + pr – a certain amount of hours depending on where in the world you are.

Here you can see that the time zone is set to West Central Africa 1 hour in front of GMT.

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Here I have changed the Time Zone to GMT by selecting it form the dropdown menu.

I have also ticked the box for Daylight Saving Changes. When this box is ticked the time will automatically be adjusted by + or - one hour at appropriate days in the year.


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