Software And Hardware.

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Operating Systems        

Command Line        

Graphical User Interface (GUI)        



Input Devices        

Output Devices        

Storage Devices        



The aims of this project will be to tell you about the basics of the computer, including information about the software and what is involved, for example, the operating system, applications and utilities. It will also tell you about the hardware, like the Input and Output devices, the storage devices and processing, all the information will come from the internet, from the site webopedia (). The aim of this project is so I can gain a better knowledge of computer software and hardware. It should also help other readers who are unsure of the basics of a computer.


This is the computers instructions or data, if something can be stored electronically it is software.Software can be easily confused with hardware because they are so closely linked, when you purchase a program you are purchasing software, but to buy software you need the disk, which is hardware, wher the software is stored.

The term hardware can be usen as a noun or an adjective, you can say ‘The problem lies in the software,’ which means there is a problem within the program or data and not with the computer itself and then you can also say ‘that it is a software problem.’

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 You can divide software into two groups:

System Software

This includes the operating systems and all the utilities that allow the computer to work.

Applications Software

This includes programmes that do real work for users, all these fall under the same category-word processors, spreadsheets and database management systems. The application software is unable to run without the operating systems and system utilities.

Operating Systems

This is the most important program that runs on the computer. The basic tasks like input from the keyboard, output to the display screen, storing and keeping track of files and directories on disk are ...

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