The aim of this task is to produce a report for the managing director of Chello Hotel to show how communication methods are used to transfer information.

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The aim of this task is to produce a report for the managing director of Chello Hotel to show how communication methods are used to transfer information. The power of technology is ever improving the amount and effectiveness of today’s communication. The outcome of this task will provide the managing director an insight of the ways to include or improve the communications used within the Hotel.

Within this report, each communication talked about will be in a separate paragraph with its own heading and possible subheadings for guidance through the report. Each separate paragraph, I will explain what the communication is and examples of where it is used in everyday life and at the end, I will explain possibilities of the method’s use within the Hotel.

Written communication

Written information is text based. It entails using words either on a page or screen to communicate meaning. However, this information can only be shown in one language; this means that it will only be understood by people who know the language.

An advantage of written communication is that readers of the information can read at their own pace. This is helpful if any information has been lost as readers can then reread any sections to make sure that they have understood and taken in the information.

Examples of Written Communications:

  • Text message
  • Email
  • Newspaper articles
  • Letters
  • Books


The definition found for multimedia is: “using more than one medium to express or communicate information”.

This type of communication includes text, audio, sound, graphics, video and interactivity. When this type of communication is used, it catches the public’s attention as information is portrayed in an interesting way to a vast audience. The advantage of this type of communication is that it can be used in multiples and this allows for more information to be given to the audience in a more understanding way.

For example, a holiday is not solely described just using text – especially on the internet. Text is teamed with images and possibly videos for more information to get across to people and catch their attention.

Multimedia is commonly seen used on the television and computer games. It is also used in advertising and throughout businesses (regardless of their aim) as they can use multimedia within presentations or reports just like these.


Graphical information includes pictures, graphs and charts – anything that’s stationary and not text. There are several advantages of using graphical communications as it is understanding across the world because there is no text and everyone can interpret what they see. The second most obvious advantage is that people can interpret the graphic in a different way to the next person so there can be many views that are then shared and in theory, several messages can be portrayed. However, this can be a disadvantage as it might not mean the same thing to everyone that wants to be shown.

This type of communication can also be very recognisable; for example, road signs, restaurant signs etc. however, this can come at a disadvantage because if just a graphic was shown, not everyone might be able to interpret it and understand what it trying to be put across to the public. It also may be easier to remember.

The only major disadvantage of this method is that a small percentage of the population won’t be able to view the graphic due to disabilities such as being blind.

How Can This Method Be Used in the Hotel?

This particular method can be used within the Hotel if it is used within certain aspects of Hotel advertising; these include presentations, menus and websites. The main graphic might be a version of Chello Hotel’s logo, however this des depend on the logo used.


Video information is expressed with the use of moving images. It has one advantage identical to graphical: it is easier to remember and is more direct than written information. Videos also attract attention and it has many different uses. One particular use which is widely used is analysing a sports performer performance and the coach will look for ways to improve it.

It has a very good use helping the police as CCTV is used worldwide and can help police detect crime and catch the people accountable.

Another example which is constantly used is adverts. Information about a holiday resort can give potential visitors a better idea of what is it like rather than static photographs.

How Can This Method Be Used in the Hotel?

There is potential use for virtual tours of the Hotel to show potential visitors the Hotel without actually being there. This would be available on the Hotel’s website. Another use of this communication method would be to display films or programmes for visitor entertainment.


This method of communication is information that cannot be seen.  What people hear is generally audio information; for example when having a tour of a house, a person’s speech will be the information gained from the tour.

The disadvantage is the language barrier and it doesn’t help most that the world contains several different languages and to try and interpret each of these in turn is a job for anyone. It is therefore easier to understand the language being spoken and makes the information much more meaningful to the recipient.

There are some exceptions that can be understood worldwide; such as, car horns, door bells and alarms.

How Can This Method Be Used in the Hotel?

Within the Hotel, the use of a radio could be used to introduce a calming atmosphere to new guests. This would make people feel more comfortable and likely to recommend the Hotel to others or to visit again. Another professional way to incorporate audio communications in the Hotel would be speakers for members of staff on the grounds. These don’t have to be used everywhere as this would not be professional, however in the staff areas where visitors are not allowed, these would be very useful.


The information from this type of communication is available on the WWW. This can be a combination of the above five: written information, multimedia information, graphical information, video information or audio information. This type of information is different from the rest because of where it’s from, its accessibility and the vast amount of it.

An advantage of this method is that anyone who has internet and web browser software can access web-based information on just about anything, from anywhere in the world. It is also handy that there are no language barriers as information can be translated allowing most people to understand it. Almost all web-based information can now be picked up using WAP (wireless application protocol) mobile phone, allowing people access to information without a computer.

Methods of communicating

There are several methods for communicating; these can be related to the ones previously mentioned above. This section shows methods which each type above can use – some will contain more than one.

Paper based

Paper based communications are used everyday across the world; this is anything that is typed, written, printed or drawn on paper. A combination of graphical and written information can be communicated on paper.

There is one clear advantage to paper based communication as no equipment is needed to access the information. This is good for people who are without computers or any other expensive new communication technology.

Examples of Paper Based Communications:

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  • Letters
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Exam papers
  • Brochures
  • Photographs

Screen based

Screen based communication is any information of which is displayed on a screen this could include video, multimedia and web-based information. For example, mobile phones when they receive a text message or train times on a screen/television.

The advantages of using screen based communication are that a large number of people can watch the presentation for example, and receive information from it.

Other advantages could be data can be produced using screen based communication and editing with ease. Without screen based communication you wouldn’t be able to work from ...

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