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The application to be researched is a small company called RS EQUIPMENT. The company has been trading for 25 years and specialises in medical equipment and supplies which range from latex gloves to X-ray machines.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS REPORT PLAN 3 THE APPLICATION TO BE RESEARCHED 3 ORGANISATION CHART 3 MAIN SOURCES OF INFORMATION 4 LIST OF INTENDED INVESTIGATION TOPICS 5 Hardware and Software being used in the company 5 Maintenance procedures 5 Security measures 5 THE PROPOSED MAIN REPORT HEADINGS 6 APPLICATION TO BE RESEARCHED 6 HARDWARE 6 TRAINING PROCEDURES 6 SOFTWARE LIBRARY 6 SECURITY ISSUES 6 SOCIAL AND MORAL ISSUES 6 HISTORY OF INFORMATION GATHERING 7 VISIT 1 - Tuesday 2nd October 2002 (9 am - 11 am) 7 VISIT 2 - Monday 7th October 2002 (2 pm - 4 pm) 8 VISIT 3 - Monday 14th October 2002 (9 am - 11am) 8 VISIT 4 - Thursday 31st October 2002 (10 am - 12 pm) 8 OBSERVATIONS ON VISIT 1: 8 OBSERVATIONS ON VISIT 2: 9 THE REPORT 9 THE APPLICATION TO BE RESEARCHED 9 HISTORY 9 DESCRIPTION 9 SERVICES 10 HARDWARE 10 PURCHASING & UPGRADING 10 REQUIREMENTS 10 TRAINING 10 HOW IS THE TRAINING CARRIED OUT? 10 WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF TRAINING? 11 HOW IS TRAINING MAINTAINED? 11 SOFTWARE LIBRARY 11 STORAGE 11 AUTHORISED USERS 11 UPDATES 11 SECURITY 11 BACKUP 11 VIRUSES 12 PHYSICAL FORMS OF SECURITY 12 DIFFERENT LEVELS OF SECURITY 12 SOCIAL AND MORAL ISSUES 12 RSI 12 INTERNET AND EMAIL USAGE 13 ILLEGAL CONDUCT AND MALPRACTICE 13 EVALUATION 13 HISTORY, DESCRIPTION AND SERVICES 13 TRAINING 14 SECURITY 14 HEALTH & SAFETY 14 REPORT PLAN THE APPLICATION TO BE RESEARCHED The application to be researched is a small company called RS EQUIPMENT. The company has been trading for 25 years and specialises in medical equipment and supplies which range from latex gloves to X-ray machines. Trading is an international affair which takes place mainly in North America, Europe and the Middle East, therefore the customer base is large and the company is well known within the medical/health industry in each area. ...read more.


One office deals with the general running of the organisation and is run by the company director, who deals with clients and orders; the second office is where all the orders are processed. The first office has a standalone PC with a scanner, printer, fax machine and photocopier. The second office has a small network of 6 PC's with 6 users, which includes the systems administrator. SERVICES The organisation doesn't advertise itself since the majority of business is gained through word of mouth. Extra services are also provided such as, on special request (and if feasible), the company will supply products which are hard to come by or need to be custom made, and will also arrange specialised delivery services such as to charter a plane specially for a certain cargo. The company also offers installations and maintenance of certain products such as control software or control hardware which is used for larger machines, for example, a Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine (MRI). HARDWARE PURCHASING & UPGRADING All hardware purchasing is done by the Systems Administrator, David Johnson. He has setup an account with Hewlett-Packard, whereby they supply new computers after a 3-year period and take away the old computers. The users of the workstations will notify the systems administrator of any problems with the hardware or machines (such as slow running of applications indicating low RAM, low storage space, or problems with printing) therefore if any upgrading is required to the computers, the systems Administrator will contact Hewlett-Packard, who will send an engineer to perform the work required, there is no extra charge for this, since Hewlett-Packard have already been paid as part of the agreement. REQUIREMENTS The requirements for the type of computers required are set by the Systems Administrator as he sees fit. His decisions are based upon meetings with the users, who tell him what their usage is and this determines the requirements. ...read more.


This encryption process is used for all tasks which require a high degree of security. Access to this data is limited to only the systems administrator and the company director. Anti-virus software is installed on all machines and care is taken when downloading files from the internet. If any data is lost or corrupted, the systems administrator calls upon the services of data recovery specialists. HEALTH & SAFETY Health & Safety is taken very seriously at RS Supplies. The company director makes it his duty to call in Health & Safety Inspectors regularly to ensure that all regulations are met, and that the employees are working in appropriate conditions. All employees are encouraged to speak to any of the senior staff (the company director or the systems administrator) if they have any problems regarding working conditions, after which all efforts are made to solve those problems. After making various observations and interviews, I feel that at present, RS Supplies is a very organised and well-structured company that keeps the well-being of its employees at heart. The company director has a number of philosophies which he uses as a template to perform all company activities. These ensure that all operations and tasks are run smoothly and efficiently, resulting in maximum productivity, whilst also keeping employee morale at the highest levels possible. After speaking with the employees, I could feel that they were genuinely motivated and geared towards making the company a success, and that job satisfaction for every employee was very high. However, I did feel that the small size of the company would be a hindrance when I wrote this report, since I would not be able to make as much of an in-depth analysis of the procedures and objectives as that of other, more larger organisations. But an advantage was that everything was concise and made it easier to comprehend, as larger organisations would have various policies, longer procedures, greater emphasis on company worth and value etc. which could have made the report much longer than this one. RS SUPPLIES ICT UNIT3 Ealing Tutorial College Favaz Pasha-Ansari Page 1 of 14 ...read more.

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