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The Effect of ICT on Business: Manufacturing

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The Effect of ICT on Business: Manufacturing The widespread use of computers in homes, schools and businesses only really began about 20 years ago. Also companies around the world have an Internet based, financially self-supporting marketplace for business information that is needed by small scale manufacturing enterprises. of raw materials, procedures for accessing utilities such as water, electricity etc. The modern Information is provided on sources and prices manufacturing industry is being dramatically changed by developments in microelectronics providing, inexpensive, reliable, and sophisticated control systems. This, together with developments in communications, means that highly complex automated factories can be built at a cost-effective price. The union of ICT also known as information communication technology has enabled the unmanned factory and office of the future to become a reality. In particular it has affected the manufacturing process as well as the ways products are designed, this is mainly due to the certain types of software and hardware packages which have created to achieve a better outcome of that product. Different types of Software: Computer Aided Design or CAD, is used to produce drawings usually with dimensions. ...read more.


Designers today can work closely with suppliers and experts on a global basis, such as Lucas Industries or Austin Rover through the use of desktop video conferencing or by electronic transmittal of design work, leading to further reduction in lead times and costs. The designer of the 1990s has clearly become more of a technocrat and, through the use of ICT; design work is performed on an international stage. Different types of Hardware Coordinate Measurement Machine or sometimes referred to as CMM, are used to automatically control the dimensions to assure high quality in the manufacturing of high precision products. Automated Guided Vehicles otherwise known as AGVs are unmanned, computer-controlled materials transport vehicles. Another type is Robots which, is a mechanical device operated automatically to perform in a seemingly human way. Benefits of Hardware The benefit of the CMM program is that it speeds up the process of having a person control the dimensions of a product that has extremely complex dimensions. This software also ensures a high quality finish of the product. The AGV hardware is also a great package device because they are designed to follow painted lines on floor or buried cables. ...read more.


However for the businesses also producing Coca Cola but had restricted access to ICT then they would be lucky to produce 200 bottles per hour. This is due to the fact that their employees, which nowadays would be produced by robots, would have to due this intensive labour by hand, therefore decreasing production and increasing the space for errors. It also increases the costs of planning and manufacturing so that expenses for the business would be maximized. Not keeping up with technology leads to people being disadvantaged socially, in education and in employment in many ways such as; not being able to access the huge range of information available over the Internet or on CD-Rom and digital television etc as well as not being able to use ICT skills such as using word processing and DTP software. Also not being able to sort, search and analyse data using software such as spreadsheets and databases. In addition, being unable able to use more advanced communication methods such as email, news groups, bulletin-boards, telecommunications etc. as well as not being able to use creative tools such as graphics software, CAD and 3D design software, as well as music and video editing software. ...read more.

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