The Use of Database Management Systems in Libraries

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The Use of Database Management Systems in Libraries

The managment, selection, administration, and design of today's library information systems is not always purview of a professional librarian. While it falls to the librarian to direct the utilization of its information systems, the extent to which the librarian is involved in selecting, administering or designing those systems varies greatly from library to library.

In smaller libraries, the librarian may well be the IT (information technology) staff: the decision as to which computer and peripherals to purchase falls to the librarian--as well as the chore of setting it up.The librarian installs software, masters the programs, and then instructs others in its uses.

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In larger libraries, the librarian may have the aid of technicians--perhaps to aid in the choice of equipment, perhaps to help with setting up the software and hardware. In some libraries, the technical staff may chose which information systems are to be installed, the hardware to be used, and may even teach classes in information retrieval. In such a setting there is the chance that the librarian's views on technology may be overlooked or devalued.

To an ever increasing degree, MLS candidates are learning more and more about the design and operation of automated/computerized information systems.Working librarians are speaking up ...

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