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Topshop is a transactional website that specifically sells merchandise like clothes, shoes and accessories. The audience intended to shop at Topshop is varied between teenagers and middle aged women around 35 years old. As I navigated around the Site I believe that it would fulfil the needs of the audience with its wide variety of merchandise.

Site Structure

The homepage of Topshop is well decorated and brightly colour to obtain the customer’s attention. The site is also updated every week to keep the site fresh and original looking. As you can see from the screenshot above there is a list of options down the left hand side of the site navigating you to Shop products and to the different shop information. The first listing on the column is ‘Shop by’ which takes the customer to the different categories of stock e.g. Fashion Tops, basic Tops, Dresses etc.

Also on the main column there are a number of options to click upon

Shop By – When clicked upon ‘shop by’ opens a new window showing the different items of merchandise a customer can purchase

New – Shows you the items recently added to the Topshop website and what you can purchase in the Topshop store

Collections – collections shows the customer the different type of styles i.e. Punk, Office etc and different types of designer that design for Topshop e.g. Celia Birtwell

Topshop Boutique – This option also shows you different types of designers but the                            designers are not house hold names but are well known e.g. Richard Nicoll and Markus Lupfer.  

The TEE shop – the tee shop shows the different style of plain t-shirts you can purchase in every colour so that if you’re looking for a simple top it will be easily found.

The denim shop – this includes all denim items the Topshop provide e.g. Jeans. Jackets etc

TOPSHOP mini – Topshop mini is a new selection on this website this consist of many various items supplied for small babies.

Topshop info – when this option is chose this brings the customer to whatever information they are seeking for example Return policy or Postage and Package cost.

 Also located in the options in the left hand side is ‘Topshop info’ when clicked upon this brings the viewer to various options like Store Locator, Contact us, policies or Services and Help. Topshop site is well laid out and simple to navigate around, the Information like Privacy is straightforward to find and will make customer’s more relaxed about purchasing over the internet. However there are no search facilities or site map which might be a downfall to Topshop success but as you continue viewing this site the customer will realise that the site is well laid out and therefore there will be no need for these functions. The arrangement throughout the site is simple enough to follow for someone who can use computers but for a newcomer or older person this site would take a lot of time and effort to get adjusted to.  The services and help are clearly marked in the Topshop site and its easy to use, simple layout of the information is well documented and is very useful. The domain name of the site is Topshop which I consider to be really memorable as it is short but appealing. As Topshop is a renowned site if entered into any search engineer e.g. Google, it will locate the site. When entered the site is quick and effortless to load which is a huge advantage also as no password is needed to enter the Topshop website any user is aloud to access it.

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The Topshop website is in keeping with the corporate identity and the Topshop font on the website is the same as the Topshop high street store and the corporate design on the sales bag.

List of goods and products the website has to offer

Fashion Tops

Basic Tops





Shorts and crops




Jackets and waistcoats





Accessories (Which include Jewellery, Belts and scarves)





B Maternity


The Tee Shop

Product Information


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