Types of E-commerce

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Types of E-commerce


An e-tailer is a business that sources products from other suppliers and sells them in their own store online; they only sell through e-commerce and would not survive without the internet. E-tailers are a great way to be competitive as they do not need storage to hold their items which means they do not have to have overheads for shop space, electric and water or staff. This means they can set lower prices and attract more customers gaining more profit. An example of an E-tailer is Amazon. This is because Amazon sell products from different suppliers but do not sell their own brand of products.

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Manufacturers create and sell their own products online. They do not allow other retailers to sell their products nor sell in traditional shops. They can provide lower costs or special offers to customers because they do not need to pay for retail rentals and overhead for a traditional shop. Dell is an example of a manufacturer because they make the computers and dell them online, not through shops like PC World.

Existing Retailers

Existing retailers are businesses who were originally a traditional shop (bricks) but have now expanded to e-commerce and now sell their products online. This ...

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